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How to Use Firefly 2 for Concentrates

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How to Use Firefly 2 for Concentrates
Firefly 2 combines sophistication and hi-tech efficiency for vaping herbs as well as concentrates. With a simple temperature setting through the unit’s app, you’ll be able to use your Firefly 2 to vape your favorite concentrates.

Setting the Firefly 2 for dabs

The first thing you have to do is to check if you have the following:

  • Firefly 2 app (you can get it in PlayStore or iTunes)

  • Concentrate pads

  • Concentrate

  • Loading or dab tool

Make sure to fully charge your Firefly 2 2-in-1 vaporizer to get the best, uninterrupted experience. When you’re ready to start dabbing, go to the Firefly 2 app and go to the heating profile. Choose “Concentrates” to set the unit to 450°F-500°F. Calibrate it using the Power Tuning setting to set the strength of heat delivery.

Using the Firefly 2 for concentrates

  1. Open your unit and place the concentrate pad inside the bowl. Press it down firmly so that it comes in contact with the base of the heating chamber.

  2. Place a rice-grain-sized concentrate on your heating pad. Unlike herbs, a little goes a long way when it comes to concentrates.

  3. Put the cover back on and make sure that it’s sealed properly. Nudge the lid a few times to check.

  4. Turn the unit on by pressing the activation button. When the light is on a steady green, you’re ready to start vaping.

  5. Take several cigar puffs at first to diffuse the heat inside the chamber. Keep taking small puffs until you get the taste of your concentrate.

  6. Once you taste the vapor, you can draw longer by inhaling strongly on the mouthpiece.

  7. Enjoy until you consume your needed dabs for the day.

Things to consider

  • Be careful not to overfill the unit. Putting too much concentrates will cause it to leak into the chamber and ruin the experience. You’ll be wasting valuable concentrates because the unit won’t vaporize all that excess. The concentrate should occupy less than a quarter of the pad’s surface.

  • The Firefly 2 heats up the moment you begin drawing from the mouthpiece. Repeat doing the cigar puffs if you took a break for a couple of minutes to recycle the hot air.

  • Different concentrates require different heat up time. Experiment until you get the right vapor.

  • Always check the heating profile in your app whenever you use your Firefly 2, especially if you’re switching between herbs and concentrates. The concentrate setting can burn your herbs instead of vaporizing them.

The Firefly 2 delivers excellent vapor quality when using concentrates. Cloud size is satisfactory, and the hits are smooth. Have you tried vaping your concentrates with Firefly 2? Please share your experience with us in the comment section!

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