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How to Use the Yocan Cerum Dab Tank 510 Mod

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How to Use the Yocan Cerum Dab Tank 510 Mod
Dab tank mods are great to use because it gives you the option of using your powerful box mod for dabs. Since box mods are popular, no one can tell the difference that you’re vaping concentrates instead of e-liquids.

The Yocan Cerum Dab Tank is made almost entirely of ceramic, making it easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about any material releasing toxic fumes because of the heat. There’s no alteration in taste because of the inertness of the material. All you have is the pure, true taste of your dabs.

Here’s how you can use the Yocan Cerum Dab Tank for your 510 mod.

The Yocan Cerum Dab Tank 510 Mod


When you use the Yocan Cerum Dab Tank, you will need

  •  The Yocan Cerum dab tank

  • A box mod that has 0.8ohm-atomizer capacity and wattage of 15W-25W

  • Dab tool

  • Your favorite concentrate

How to Use the Yocan Cerum Dab Tank 510 Mod

  1. Twist the mouthpiece off of the Yocan Cerum and remove the ceramic coil cap from the atomizer.

  2. Choose your heating coil. The Yocan Cerum comes with quartz and ceramic coils for different vaping experiences.

  3. If you wish to change coils, just twist off the one attached to the atomizer and twist on the other one.

  4. Screw on the dab tank to your box mod. Don’t torque it too hard or you’ll cause problems with the 510 thread connection.

  5. Using your dab tool, place your dab on the coil and replace the carb cap.

  6. Twist on the mouthpiece until it locks.

  7. Set your preferred temperature between 15W and 25W.

  8. Fire up your vape mod and draw from the mouthpiece.

The Yocan Cerum Dab Tank 510 mod works just like your regular atomizer coil. You control how it heats up according to the settings of your box mod. The Yocan Cerum coils will continue to stay on as long as you press on the box mod’s power button. It has a ceramic body which is actually pretty sturdy and has good temperature insulation.

Things to consider

Many of those who used the Yocan Nyx say this is way better. The connections are tight, so you won’t have any problems with leaking concentrates. The only piece you have to screw on is the atomizer base to the box mod. All the other pieces fit perfectly well without having to spend time screwing each piece. Another plus is the option to switch coils which can fit your vaping requirements. The coils will last as long as you don’t go beyond 25W and you don’t overload. Keep the coils from burning by easing down on the temperature and the don’t go overboard on the power button.

If you want to go on the next level of vaping and you have an excellent piece of box mod at your disposal, buy the Yocan Cerum Dab Tank now. It’s one of the best mod attachments that makes vaping concentrates easy, convenient, and accessible for people on the go. If you have any questions about our Yocan Cerum Dab Tank mod, please don’t hesitate to contact us or ask in the comment section!

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  • I keep getting an atomizer short error on my smok rig; how do i fix this? Doesn’t seem to like yocan?


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