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What Is A Dab Pen And How Does It Work?

Dab Pen
What Is A Dab Pen And How Does It Work?
Dab pens were introduced to the smoking world in 2009. It’s a type of vaporizer specifically made to vaporize your concentrates in a sleek and compact design. It’s a safer and less-intimidating way of taking dabs due to its own internal mechanism of heating and vaporizing — no need for coils and torches to do your dabs.

What is a dab pen?

A dab pen gives you control over dabbing with minimal risk of burning your concentrate. The purpose of the dab pen's design is for portability and instant one-hit gratification. A dab pen comes in three parts: mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery. The mouthpiece is where you take in the vapor. The atomizer has a coil or wick that heats up and vaporizes your concentrate, and the handle houses the battery pack which is the unit’s portable power supply. By doing specific keypresses on the power button, you program your dab pen to heat up to a specific temperature.

Yocan Pandon Dab Pen

Is a dab pen for dabs only?

There are pens dedicated for dabbing and can vaporize concentrates efficiently. The type of atomizer installed in your dab pen determines what kind of concentrate you can dab with your pen.

    • Flat atomizer – has a slower burning temperature, perfect for those who are dabbing for the first time. As a result, dabs are full of flavor and the design prevents concentrate from burning due to direct contact with the coil.

  • Wicked atomizer – this is for wax and oils. The wick soaks up the runny concentrate and vaporizes it at a mid-temperature range. Smoke produced is thick and full of flavor.

  • Wickless atomizer – a ceramic or quartz rod is placed instead of a wick, which allows for higher temperature dabs. The wickless atomizer is perfect for thicker concentrates and for those who chose a more potent dab.

However, there are also pens that you can use for both dabs and dry herbs. When buying a dab pen, be sure to know if the pen is right for your concentrate.

How does a dab pen work?

Dab pens vaporize your hits in a single go. The coil vaporizes the concentrate and the vapor travels up to the chamber to the mouthpiece. The vapor travels in a short distance, and you get the full flavor of your concentrate. Depending on the design, you can use the pen instantly once you turn it on, or wait for a few seconds before taking a hit.

When you choose a dab pen, you need to consider several things: the type of atomizer, battery life, charging options, and attachments. We have a variety of dabbing pens for you to choose from, all of them capable of giving you flavorful dabs on the go.

Have you tried out one of our dab pens? Please share your experience at the comment section below!

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