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What is a Dry Herb Dab Pen and How Does It Work?

Dab Pen
What is a Dry Herb Dab Pen and How Does It Work?
One of the ways for you to enjoy your dry herbs is to vaporize it using a dry herb dab pen. It’s a small smoking device that you can hold in your hand that has chambers for heating up herbs to vaporize their essential oils and extracts. It’s designed to let you vape your herbs without going through the process of extraction.

Why use a dry herb dab pen

The Grasshopper dry herb vape pen

The good thing about a dry herb dab pen is that there is no combustion happening inside the chamber. The pen heats just enough to target the vaporization level your herb’s essential oils. The absence of combusted materials lessens the amounts of carcinogens and harmful toxins.

You get creative with using this for recreational smoking by using a wide range of herbs, depending on what you wish to get with your smoking session. You can use lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, and a host of other with your dry herb dab pen.

A dry herb vape pens are also designed for discreet smoking. It’s small enough to fit in your hand and looks just like an ordinary ball pen that you can take anywhere.

How does a dry herb dab pen work?

The principle behind how dry herb dab pens vaporize your herbs depends on their method of heating.


Herbs are vaporized by coming in direct contact with the heating surface. The walls of the chamber (usually made of ceramic or stainless steel) get hot, directly transferring heat to the herbs. It’s just like how you would cook your food on a pan with the help of a stove.

Since there is a need for direct contact, you only get to vaporize herbs closest to the heating chamber. You need to mix your herb around mid-sesh so you’ll be able to vape the entire load. It’s also prone to over-heating, which can change the overall flavor of your session. The upside is that the batteries last longer because you don’t require that much power to heat your herbs.


Gpen Nova is a 2-in-1 dap pen

Dry heat goes through the chamber at a high temperature. The heating chamber does not come in direct contact with the herb. Instead, it travels up and around the herb to draw out the flavor. It works just like how an oven cooks your food. The result is a slow but even distribution of heat. This allows hot air to reach the entire pack of herbs in your dry herb dab pen.

Since you don’t singe your herbs, get better vapor flavor, allowing you to get the purest vaping experience with your herbs. The smell is also close to non-existent. The downside is that you need more power to produce that much heat, which can drain the batteries faster.

You don’t need to load too many herbs to enjoy its flavor and effect with a convection-type dry herb dab pen.  However, the technology to create a convection vape pen can be expensive, making it costly. The resulting flavor and effects, on the other hand, are well worth the investment.

A dry herb dab pen doesn’t take long to heat up. A simple maneuver of the switch and your pen will start heating up to vaporize your herb within seconds. You use it as is, or you can insert the mouthpiece in a mini bong or dab rig for a smoother, cooler hits. You can start with a low temperature for better flavor before you crank it up to a higher temperature for full-bodied hits and bigger vapors.

Take note that you cannot use a dab pen to vape dry herbs, and you cannot use a dry herb dab pen to dab concentrates. Make sure that you know the type of material you can vape with your dab pen. If you prefer to interchange both, go for a 2-in-1 vape pen like our Gpen Nova.

If you have questions about our dry herb dab pens, please feel free to contact us, or ask at the comment section!


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