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What to do when your Dab Pen is Blinking

Dab Pen
What to do when your Dab Pen is Blinking
There is no doubt that many kinds of vaporizers have become popular now. The number of users has increased since the introduction of the devices back in 2007. Widespread use didn’t take place until the last couple of years or so, but many new vaporizer users are entering the scene and asking interesting questions regarding them.

Some of the most common questions these users have are the following: Why is my dab pen blinking? What flavor should I get? What vaporizer should I get my hands on when I start out?

A Very Brief Summary of Vaporizers

Vaporizers are devices made to simulate conventional smoking. The devices sometimes resemble the items necessary for smoking too. These devices are battery-powered and contain four components.

A vaporizer’s parts consist of the following:

  • a tank

  • an atomizer

  • sensors

  • a battery

The device heats up to vaporize the contents of the chamber. The chamber and the power source create a plume that doesn’t make harmful smoke other methods will create.

The main component used for vaporizers is e-liquid. The compounds used for E-liquids is water-based. The liquid also has stimulants and has a hint of flavor.

Vaporizers offer stimulants without the added addictive materials. People who use vaporizers find it to be a gateway for effectively giving up their former smoking habits. Each former smoker and/or vape user has their own reason for using vaporizers. New people simply want to try out the different kinds of vaporizers available in the market in some cases.

Because of this, there are people who still have plenty to learn before getting their first device. It takes a while for a new user to find a suitable, first vaporizer. But, if you want something compact and affordable, you should go for a vape pen for wax. This is also called a dab pen.

picture of vape pen(why is my dab pen blinking)

What You Should Know About Dab Pens or Wax Pens

A Dab pen is a vape pen for wax. A dab pen is often called a wax pen and the two terms are interchangeable. That’s because dab pens are a bit different from the usual vape pens.

Those who are very new to vaping might not know that there is a difference between the two. It’s very important to make this distinction so that deciding between the two products will be easier. Both pens work in a similar fashion: You inhale the vapors they emit through their mouthpieces. They have the same parts, but that is where the similarities end. The differences lie in what they provide.

Vape pens use their batteries to heat up the e-liquids soaked into the coil. The heat isn’t hot enough to set the components on fire, but it is enough to aerosolize them.

Dab pens are suitable when you want to consume a waxier substance. Instead of the batteries, dab pens use the coil to direct heat onto the wax to melt it. This is a more direct way versus that of vape pens, which need a separate cartridge to store the e-liquid.

The differences boil down to what these pens offer. It is obvious that vape pens are the more popular. But, there’s plenty of reasons why dab or wax pen options are also beneficial.

Benefits and Strengths of Wax Pens

Dab pens take a shorter time to heat up stimulants compared to vape pens. Vape pens often need their coils to have enough e-liquid in it before use. Dab pens don’t need as much of it to be useful.

They are also known to fit in anyone’s hand, pocket and bag. They are compact enough to fit anywhere. Most wax pen chambers don’t use the glass or heat-conductive metals. This means that they don’t feel too hot when you hold them, unlike that of some vape pens.

Something to Know About Dab Pen Batteries

First time dab pen users might not be certain how to use the device. They underestimate how important a vape pen battery is to the device's functioning.

Dab pens will come with their own chargers. In order to confirm that the charger is functional, see if it is blinking green and red. If the charger has a green blinking light before the battery is put in, it is okay. If the battery is in and the charger has a red blinking light, this indicates that it is charging. Take the battery out when the light turns green.

If the charger is still red even with the pen is on it, double check to see if it is screwed on well. The light will not turn green unless the pen is in the right placement.

A vape pen battery is a key component to keeping a vape in working condition. It will run out after much use. This problem can also affect your wax pen. One way to track a vape pen battery or your dab pen battery's charge is to remember that it has a blinking light.

Why Is my Dab Pen Blinking Like Crazy?

As mentioned above, there are many parts to a vaporizer. Four parts make up the pen. What many people will fail to understand is the purpose of the pen's blinking light. On the dab pen’s chamber, there will be a light on it.

What does this do? When you see the blinking light, you might ask the question, “why is my dab pen blinking like that?” The short answer for the latter question is that it depends on the brand of dab pen you have. But, the answer is pretty much the same.

As for the first question, the blinking light is there to show you how much electrical charge is in the battery. It’s also meant to show you if the pen is functional or not. The color of the blinking light varies from brand to brand. You can have pens blinking white. There will be some with lights blinking purple. You can even find colors on dab pen blinking which may indicate a few things.

When the light doesn’t turn on after you press once, this means that it is not turned on yet. It takes five rapid presses on the button to activate a vape pen battery. If the pen’s light is blinking while in use, it means the dab pen is at low charge.

During other times when the light is blinking, this will indicate that there is a vape pen error. If the light is blinking three times, this will refer to the wax pen’s connection to the coil and the battery. See if the parts are connected together snuggly. Another reason for this could be an issue unique to the pen itself. If it is blinking 10 times, then this is a sign that the pen will soon become unusable.

picture of dab pen

Other things to consider?

Any vaporizer is a good alternative to traditional smoking. If you’re starting out, remember that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at first. Take everything at your own pace. You will get the hang of it and find the vape pen, wax pen or vaporizer that is right for you.

A dab pen or a wax pen is portable, lightweight and doesn’t take long to heat up stimulants. This kind of vaporizer is suitable if you want something that burns faster and weighs less than the traditional vape pen. Due to its compact size, it is easier to carry around in case you need to have your fix on-the-go.

If you haven’t found the answers to the question, “why is my dab pen blinking?” here, don’t be afraid to approach your wax pen provider or manufacturer about the blinking light. If the dab pen is disposable, throw it away. If the dab pen is refillable, approach your vaporizer provider about replacing it. Be sure to approach your provider for any other vape pen error too.


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