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Wick vs Quartz vs Ceramic Coils

Dab Pen
Wick vs Quartz vs Ceramic Coils
Knowing the type of coil your vape and dab pen has will greatly affect your vaping experience whether you are vaping oil, budder, shatter, or live/cured resin. We’ll talk about the different coils on how they function in terms of temperature, and other qualities for vaping/dabbing.

Wick coils

front-yocan-pandon-dab-pen The Yocan Pandon Dab Pen

Primitive versions of vapes and dab pens started with wick coils. It’s made out of cotton wicks wrapped with wires made from stainless steel, titanium, or nickel. It’s made initially for vape pens that use low-viscosity e-liquids. The wick absorbs and holds in the vaping liquid, and the while wires heat up to vaporize it.

It has low-temperature control, which often leads to poor taste and quality of vape. Since cotton can burn and harbor other nasty elements, wick coils are commonly replaced every 3-4 weeks. Now, rare will you find a vape or dab pen that has a wicked coil in it. If you did get one, chances are you’re dealing with an old model.

Quartz Coil

A quartz coil is made with a quartz rod wrapped usually with titanium. It’s not absorbent compared to wick coils, but it does allow for a higher temperature. It does not take long for a quartz coil to heat up. It usually takes between 5-10 seconds for the vape or dab pen to reach your desired temperature.

Because of the high-temperature range and fast heat up time, the ceramic coil is capable of producing intense vapor production. The greater the size and number of quartz coil you have, the better vape cloud you will get from your dab pen.

Thisthingrips R2 Series RiG Edition

A quartz coil vaporizes your concentrates better and delivers excellent flavor. Although it does heat fast, the temperature retention is somewhat lacking. You need to fire up your vape or dab pen repeatedly each time you vape until you’re done with your session.

Ceramic Coil

The best coil for pens and preferred by most vapers. A ceramic coil comes with a ceramic rod wrapped in high, food-grade metal.

Unlike the quartz coil, the ceramic coil has excellent heat retention and a wide range of temperature control. You can use it for both low-temperature vaping as well as mid-high temperature dabbing. Because it’s an inert material, it delivers the purest flavor of your concentrates. Beginners will find this as an excellent match for their needs because the hits are smooth and easy to control.

It does take a bit longer to heat up compared to a quartz coil, which experience dabbers will see as an annoyance. Some manufacturers go around this by adding a dual ceramic system that hits up fast and high. Ceramic coils are also fragile and though can break if continuously exposed to high temperatures or if accidentally dropped.

To sum it up, here are the pros and cons of vape pen coils:

pros and cons of coils

If you are looking for instant and hard hits, we highly recommend quartz coiled vaporizers. If you want long, leisurely sessions full of flavor, then ceramic coils should be your first choice. Should you have questions about our vape and dab pens, please don’t hesitate to contact us or ask at the comment section!


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