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5 Quartz Banger Tips to Get Perfect Dabs All the Time

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5 Quartz Banger Tips to Get Perfect Dabs All the Time
Many dabbers love using quartz bangers because they provide a smooth experience and one of the best flavors. Once you know how to use a quartz banger, you’re well on your way in enjoying your dab rig.  However, your session can get better. Here are some quartz banger tips that will help you utilize your quartz banger to the fullest and enjoy perfect dabs all the time.

Use a carb cap

Carb caps help keep the heat inside the banger for full vaporization. It’s highly recommended especially if you’re doing low-temp dabs. Unbelievable it may seem, but there are some new dabbers who can’t be bothered with using

one or are sometimes too lazy to use it. Not only does it help concentrate the heat inside the banger, but it also stops vapor from escaping. Instead of your dab disappearing in thin air, the cap will hold it inside the banger for you to pull in.

The carb cap should fit perfectly

You’ll see dab rigs with quartz bangers having different tops. For example, you can have a quartz banger that has a straight top that fits with almost all carb caps. You won’t have any issues with the quality and density of your vapor here. There are also some quartz barrel bangers that have an odd shape, making it extremely difficult to use with conventional carb caps. Now, angled tops, on the other hand, can fit most but not all carb caps. You need to find one that will sit perfectly on top to get the dabs that you want.

Always clean your quartz banger

Others don’t clean their quartz banger and just let their banger become chazzed. This happens when a quartz banger becomes black, dirty, and sooty. Not only will this make your banger look nasty, but it will also affect the heat distribution in your banger.

The good news is that you can easily keep this from happening. Always clean your banger with a Q-tip dipped in 95% alcohol. Once you’re done dabbing, you have to take the time to get that swab and remove any residual concentrate left in the banger. This will prevent buildup that will stick to your banger and make it hard for you to dab properly.

Don’t heat too much

Heating your dab too high will also result in a cloudy quartz banger. The high, intense heat results in devitrification, which is the loss of brilliance and shine on the quartz surface as it cools down. Sure, your banger repeatedly gets hot and cold as you dab. The problem here is that because you’ve heated the banger too much that it resulted in a molten state.

You should heat the banger to the right temperature by torching until it starts to glow. Don’t continue until it glows amber red in color. That’s already too high, and you’ll risk scorching your lungs in that process.

Pair the dab size to the banger size

Quartz bangers also come in different sizes. Some come in small buckets, making them ideal for small dabs. This is great for those who are new to dabbing or prefer to have a quick session when pressed for time. Others come in huge sizes, with deep buckets that have more room for both vapor and dabs. A snake-like dab is possible without dabs wasting and spilling over.

Now, if you’re going to do small dabs, big bangers won’t do you good. They will just vaporize and you’ll get nothing. Just hot air with no effect and flavor, and that’s precious dollar up in smoke. Then, if you’re going to do huge dabs on a small banger, you’ll be wasting a lot of concentrates. Your banger can’t vaporize the entire load, and what you’ll get is concentrate that you have to clean up.

We hope that you’ve got the best out of your quartz banger. Using it correctly will make you appreciate your dab rig better! If you’re not yet used to matching quartz bangers to your dab rig, we have several of them that already have quartz bangers! Click here now and choose among our dab rigs for your best


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