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Choosing the Best Quartz Banger for Your Dab Rig

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Choosing the Best Quartz Banger for Your Dab Rig
Quartz bangers quickly became one of the favorite dab nails for dabbers, especially for those who want to keep things neat. Unlike other nails, bangers have a little bucket that keeps in your dabs, lessening the spills and the mess. They’re easier to use and quick to clean afterward. Another reason why they’re favorites is that they give the cleanest taste of concentrate vapor for discriminating dabbers.

However, not all quartz bangers are the same. Here’s our tip to help you choose the best quartz banger that will be perfect for your dab rig and give you the best dabbing session that you’re looking for.

Joint size and gender


The first thing you need to check is the joint size. If your dab rig has a 14mm joint, your quartz banger should be the same. For gender, a male dab rig should have a female banger and vice versa. Male joints are protruding tubes with small openings, while female joints are hollow and have a wider opening in comparison.

Check the top and the bevel

Bangers have different tops and bevels. Some have angled tops that are visually appealing and allows you to use small to medium-sized dabs. They are also easier to clean and good heat retention. However, because of the angled top, they’re not compatible with all carb cap styles. Flat top quartz bangers are now increasingly popular. You can use them with any carb cap as well as any amount of dabs that you wish.

If you’re fond of bubble carb caps, the best quartz banger will be the beveled top. It creates a perfect seal around the cap, allowing you to take in all that good vapor.

Round, flat, or flared?

Joel Halen popularized this round bottom style to make vaporizing dabs more efficient. This style makes cleaning both the nails and the dab rigs easy. It keeps the oil deep within the banger and away from the neck or joint. Great for those who love large dabs, but not fully compatible with e-nails and quartz dish inserts.

Flat bottoms have better heat distribution and retention, especially when you’re using an e-Nail. You can also use dish inserts without problems. It can be hard to clean because of the angled corners, but maintenance is doable.
Evan Shore also created his own version of the best quartz banger. The flared bottom holds in your oil, and it heats up quickly. It does not retain heat well, though, because it typically comes with a thin bottom.


Like low temp dabs? Go for opaque bottoms

We know the saying with low temp dabs: waste it to taste it.” Opaque bottoms provide better vaporization that will allow you to use all of your dabs even on low temp dabbing. It doesn’t retain heat as well as clear bottom quartz does, but it’s the best quartz banger for those who can’t take too much heat.

Bottom thickness

The thicker the bottom, the longer it takes to heat up and cool down. Some bangers can go to 5mm to 6mm thickness. This is highly suitable for those who want low temp dabs because it allows you to keep your target temperature longer. If you want high-temp dabs, the cooldown can take a little bit longer, or you’ll risk burning your concentrate.

Thinner bottoms are suitable for quick, fast sessions, although you may have to torch the banger in between dabs. They are also easier to break compared to thick-bottomed bangers.

Bucket size

The size of your dabs should match the size of the bucket. Large dabs need big buckets for less waste and keep your nail clean. Small dabs need a small bucket for better heat control. However, if you like to keep things clean, a bigger banger is best no matter what size of dabs you take.

What’s the best quartz banger? It’s the one that will fit your dab rig and match your dabbing habits perfectly. Do you like low temp or high temp dabs? Are you the type to take small dabs, or prefer to be blown with big, snakey globs of your favorite concentrate? Does a clean dab rig or banger essential for you? These are a few of the major considerations you need to ask yourself when buying a quartz banger. Once you’ve identified your dabbing preference, choosing one will be easier for you.

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  • Choosing the best banger for your dabbing session is most important for you. Best quality Opaque bottoms provide better vaporization that will allow you to use all of your dabs even on low temp dabbing.


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