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How To Choose A Torch For Dabbing

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How To Choose A Torch For Dabbing
Heating your quartz banger efficiently lies on technique as well as the torch that you're using. We'll teach you how to choose a torch for dabbing so that you can heat your nails safely and efficiently.

Look at the size

Size can mean a lot when your dabbing. It determines:

  • Fuel capacity

  • Portability

  • Convenience of use

Big torches offer bigger fuel capacity and often have more heat for your dabs. They are suitable for dabbers with big hands and find using small torches hard to manage.

Small torches are ideal if you have a small storage space and love to travel. If you're fond of small rigs like the GRAV Labs Circuit Double Chamber, use a small torch to heat the nail.

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Fuel type

You can choose two different types of fuel for your dabbing torch: butane and propane. Dabbers prefer butane torches because it burns cleaner, so you'll taste and smell the essence of your dabs. Propane produces carbon monoxide when it burns, which is toxic and requires a well-ventilated room for use. However, if you live in places with extreme climates, propane torches are the way to go.

Maximum temperature

Dab torches have different temperatures. Generally, a propane torch has a higher temperature than a butane torch. Butane torches can go for 2,000 °F- 2,700 °F, while propane torches can go up to 3,400°F.

You have to carefully consider this as quartz turns cloudy at 1000°F, a process called devitrification. The titanium also undergoes the same type of degradation when the alloys oxidize due to high temperature. Excessive scales form, and your once-tough nail become brittle. Also, titanium melts at 3038°F. If you want to keep your quartz banger clearer longer and maintain your titanium nail's tough density, know more about the maximum temperature of your dab torch.

Adjustable flame control

The best torch for dabs has flexible flame control that can adjust the size and shape of the flame. Some have a pencil-thin fire that may be ideal for micro nails and soldering but are a headache to use for big bangers. If you have a broad banger like a quartz trough or a bell-bottom banger, you'll want a tool that allows you to spread the flame to cover a wider surface area. If you want faster heating, you can also get a torch that has three flame jets.

Style & Shape

Dab torches come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. If you're going to use a beautiful rig like the Snoop Dogg Pounds MIA, you'd definitely want to have a dab torch that will match its style. Some have an ergonomic design, a fuel gauge, and a trigger-style design for comfortable use.

Safety features

One of the key features that you need to look for is the safety lock. Of course, you're not going to use a torch for dabbing when there are children around. However, we all know how curious kids can be. A safety lock stops the gas flow and prevents automatic ignition. A finger guard can also keep the heat from your fingers, preventing accidental burns. This is especially useful if you're fond of using thick banger nails and prefer high-temperature dabs.


Of course, you need to consider the price of your dab torch. The right torch may not be the best one for you if you can't afford to buy it. There are affordable ones that can suit your need for dabbing without having to break the bank. You can get a reliable one that you can use for more than just dabbing at less than $20.00. A sturdy one that can give you wind-resistant functionality can cost less than $50. You can also get one that has a wear-resistant nozzle and instant ignition with reliable construction for under $100.

It's easy to decide what to buy when you know how to choose a torch for dabbing. The best torches are the ones that have the right style, adjustable flame control, and boasts of safety features. If you have questions about getting our Blazer Autopilot Big Shot Torch kit, hit us up in the comment section!

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