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Dab Etiquette Tips to Follow for Group Dabbing

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Dab Etiquette Tips to Follow for Group Dabbing
Dabbing is fun, especially when you do it with friends! We'll share with you some dab etiquette tips that will make you one of the sought after dabbers in a group sesh!

The rig owner is the dab master

Whoever owns the dab rig that everyone is using for the session will be the dab master. The master is the one who will make sure that everyone gets to dab and sees to it that everyone is comfortable.

Let your friends know what their dabbing

When sharing your dabs, you have to tell them what your concentrate is all about. Each concentrate is different, with extraction methods affecting the dabbing experience. Let them know the right dabbing size and temperature for the best hits.

Bring some tools with you

You'll never know if a dab session is lacking or not. By bringing your own tools with you, you may be able to save or even enhance the sesh. Some devices can include a carb cap, dab tool, e-nails, dabbing mat, and more.

Clean up after each dab

When you pass around the dab tool and rig to others, always clean up after yourself. Wipe the dab tool on a paper towel to get all the residue out. Take out a Q-tip or use your dabbing tool to take out any left-over dabs on the nail. Always make sure that the dab rig is clear to use before you pass it to the next dabber.

Serve your own dabs

You know better than others what concentrate you have, and that goes for its flavor and taste. When you share your dabs, you should be the one to serve the dab because you know precisely just how much you need to get that good hit.

Let others serve you

On a similar note, if you're going to dab a friend's concentrate, let them be the one to serve you. Dabs don't come cheap, and it's a privilege to have someone share their precious stash with you. Allow them to gauge just how much concentrate they can offer for everyone.

Torch the nail

It may seem elementary, but not everyone observes this. When you're heating the nail, you should keep the flame directly on it and keep it away from the glass. Especially if you're using a friend's rig. Heating the glass surface can cause it to break, and you're going to have to replace the rig.

Clear the tube

Stale vapor will always ruin a dab, no matter how good the concentrates are. Always see to it that you clear the rig out of any vapor so that the next dabber will have a pure experience.

Hands off the hot nail

Dabbers often forget themselves and touch a hot nail by accident after dabbing. Be mindful of yourself and your surroundings to keep this from happening. Hot nails and bangers can cause severe burns, so keep your hands, arms, and clothes away.

Heat the nail for the next dabber

One of the dabbing etiquettes that you have to make sure you follow is heating the nail after you use it. This will give the next person enough time to prepare for dabbing.

Set the timer

When you're mingling with excellent dabbing buddies, it's easy to forget time. Having a timer on the table will tell everyone when is the best time to dab. One of the common problems with group dabbing is hitting the dab rig at a high temperature, especially if one is too eager to dab. A timmer will hold you in check and ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience.

Don't dab too much

The good thing about dabbing concentrates ais that you don't have to use too much to get the hits that you want. Some, on the other hand, do big ones thinking that they can handle it. Most of the time, this is a waste of good concentrate. Not only do you have left-over dabs on the nail, you won't be able to clear the rig. Wasting dabs and leaving stale vapor is a double whammy that will get you kicked out of the sesh.

Following dab etiquette on a group sesh will help make sure that your dabbing is fun, enjoyable, and worthwhile. Do you have a tip? Please share it in the comment section!

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