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Electric Dab Rig Vs Regular Dab Rig

Dab Rigs
Electric Dab Rig Vs Regular Dab Rig
Today, we will be talking about the difference between an electric and regular dab rig. We’ll discuss how each of the two types of dab rigs differ in different areas of dabbing.


Electric dab rigs require a bit of a setup. You need to secure the coils around your rig and balance it. You need to take

Dr. Dabber enail in matt black Dr. Dabber boost black E-nail

the time to inspect the coil (the one that will heat up your nail), the cords, and the unit. Make sure all is in perfect working condition before you attempt using it. This is the reason why some prefer portable electric dab rigs like those from Dr. Dabber. If you are using portable electronic dab rigs, you just need to make sure it’s fully charged before you use it.

Regular dab rigs are pretty straightforward. Just get everything on the table including the torch and you’re ready to start dabbing.


An electric dab rig removes the guesswork when it comes to heat. All dab rigs have temperature controls that can help you achieve your desired dabbing temperature and retain it. You can go as high as 700 in some, depending on the brand and model of your electronic rig. Your electronic dab rig will also tell you when it’s ready through an indicator light (available in some models). However, although you can hit your desired temp within 19 seconds for some brands, others need about a minute or two. Electric dab rigs are also excellent in maintaining your preferred dabbing temperature. Just set it to your favorite dab heat, and it will keep your nail within that range.

In contrast, regular dab rigs needs a bit of skill and familiarity. Torching dab nails require careful observation. You need to look closely at how the nail is reacting to the torch. Unlike electronic dab rigs that have temperature limiters, you can reach really high temperatures with torching a dab nail. Downside is, depending on the type of nail your dab rig has, your temperature will go down within several seconds.

Dab sizes

Some E-rigs, portable ones, in particular, limit the size of your dabs. You can only do small dabs with them due to the small sizes of their nails.

However, as long as you are not using portable electronic rigs, both electronic and regular dab rigs can give you the same dab sizes that you want.


Depending on the type of electronic dab rig set up that you have, E-rigs are safer compared to regular dab rigs. Some modern electric dab rigs have their coils hidden inside the rig so that you can safely dab without causing accidents. Exposed coils on E-rigs can be a fire hazard if not properly watched. Some have experienced burned carpets because they did not set up their rigs properly. Remember that as long as you are supplying electricity to the coils, they are constantly at the temperature setting that you put them on.

Regular dab rigs, on the other hand, is also risky because of the presence of fire, can still cause accidents depending on how hot the nail is. However, since the nail is not being constantly supplied by heat, they are safe to handle about after 4-5 minutes.

Still, there are conversion kits available for safer e-dabbing like this Big-E Rig by HYER. It can convert almost any regular dab rig into an electronic one without any exposed wires or hot coils for safe dabbing.

Hit and flavor

Some have varying experiences when it comes to hit and flavor. Some say that they got harder hits with electric dab rigs and the flavor is cleaner. Others prefer to go with the traditional dab because they feel that the heat from the torch vaporizes the concentrates better compared to E-rigs.

So there you have it! A quick comparison between an electric dab rig and a regular dab rig. Overall, it boils down to how you use a dab rig and your preference. You have some pointers you wish to share regarding your experience with an electric and standard dab rig, comment them down below!

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