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LavaTech Review: Transforming Dabbing Through High-End Equipment

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LavaTech Review: Transforming Dabbing Through High-End Equipment
Dabbing has come a long way in the past several years. With advancements in technology, the practice, as well as the tools, have evolved into a lifestyle. LavaTech answered the demands of every dabber through high-end, elegant dabbing equipment. Every single product is designed in the US by avid dabbers who know just what every dabber needs for a satisfying session.  All LavaTech products are made with precision, with stunning sleek looks and undeniable functionality.

What are the LavaTech dabbing tools that I can get?

There are several LavaTech technology tools that you can use to help enhance your dabbing experience. There are double-sided dabbers that can help you get better control over the size of your dabs. If you want to keep your dab rig cleaner longer, there are also drop down reclaim catchers that you can use.

LavaTech also has several quartz bangers of different shapes and sizes. There's a regular quartz banger for a no-frills dabbing session. If you're a fan of big dabs, there's Banger XL to hold in huge dabs without spilling over. You can also get an opaque core reacter banger nail for a more efficient vaporizing. Should you prefer to have a banger that will retain its brilliancy longer, you can get one with an opaque cup insert or a turp slurper. There's also some titanium nails that can be domeless, adjustable or has a quartz dish at the top.

For vaporizing your dabs, you have to options: a torch and an e-Nail kit. For traditionalists, there's the Ember Jet Flame torch. At 7", it offers precision control with an adjustable flame ring for efficient heating. If you prefer to go flame-less, There's the Elements LavaTech E-Nail kit that comes in two sizes: Classic and Mini.

The Classic has a 20mm universal nail that you can use on 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm male or female joints.  It has an Auto-Turn on feature that reaches up to 710 °F for a good low-temp sesh but can do as high as 999 °F. If you want something more portable, you can get the Mini that has a smaller control box yet packs enough power to match up with the Classic. Similarly, it's got a universal nail that can fit into three standard joint sizes.

How much are the LavaTech products?

Wee took a look at the prizes of the LavaTech tools from four online stores. The double sided dabbers cost $10.00-15.99, and the drop-downs will cost you $24.99-$25.99. The LavaTech banger rangers from $25.00-$35.00, and the titanium nails go for $25.00-$40.00. The Classic E-Nail kit has a price of $189.99-$200.00and the Mini E-Nail is for $189.99-$190.00. Should you prefer the torch, you can get it for $40.00-$69.99.

What's the word about LavaTech?

The bangers hold heat well and can last longer, allowing you to extend your session as well as the life of your banger. The prices are worth it, and the quality is amazing for the cost. Some even believe the bangers are a steal for its price.

There are some cheaper alternatives out there, but LavaTech's quality ensures that you get what you pay for. The torch has a very clean appearance, and it's easy to control. The knob can be a bit tight for some, so be conscious when you're turning the tool off. With its safety feature, you won't have that much of a worry when you bring it with you.

The double dabbers are also very strong and sturdy. They're super solid and feels comfortable to the grip. If you need to get that very last piece of dab, the sharp end is going to help you immensely.

LavaTech e-Nails don't disappoint either. They're straightforward to set up, and they heat up fast for such a tiny unit. The handy small box that comes with the kit will help you bring the e-nail with you wherever you go. The case is compact and sturdy enough to carry your e-Nail securely while you travel.

Dabbing can be expensive, but when you invest in the right tool, you've got something that will last you for years. When you get your LavaTech gear, match it up with our Snoop Dog Pounds MIA or  Empire Glassworks Dab Rig. Click here now, and we'll get your rig ready for delivery to your preferred address!

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