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Best Puffco Peak Accessories for Peak Experience

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Best Puffco Peak Accessories for Peak Experience
Accessories can make or break your session. We'll be talking about the best Puffco Peak accessories that will help you enjoy using your Puffco device better.

Puffco Peak Travel Case

Your Peak is a highly sophisticated dabbing device that deserves more than just a little TLC when you're on the go. The Peak bag allows you to move and mingle with your buddies while you carry your Peak with you. You have a securing loop strap that can easily convert your travel case to a body bag or a waist strap. You can also loop your belt behind it if you want a more secure hold.


puffco peak accessories glass standPuffco Peak Glass Stand

Sometimes you must have that extra glass for your Puffco Peak, and you need to keep it secure. The glass stand helps you keep the glass in place to prevent it from rolling or falling over your table. It's made with durable silicone that has a rugged exterior accented with a smooth Puffco Peak logo. It can serve as a holder, or as a display tool that will proudly show off your collection.


Custom accessories

There are also some Puffco Peak custom accessories created by different glass companies that give a unique touch to your Peak. These accessories are usually made from quality borosilicate glass for long sessions and transparent experience.

Algae Glass made a fully functional attachment that has a 2-hole dome perc for hits that have clean flavor and are smooth and cool to the throat. Mathematix also has a Gumball Machine attachment that makes your smart rig fun and enjoyable. It comes with removable splash guard gumballs as well as a fixed multi-hole diffuser bigger hits. Want something more interesting? iDab Glass also has a Hennessy Bottle Puffco Peak accessories that will give your Puffco a classy look and feel.

puffco peak accessories ceramic insertInserts

Just like dabbing nails, you can also have different inserts to use with your Puffco Peak. You can have a quartz insert for fast heating and clean, bright taste. Add a splash of color by getting ruby inserts. It gives one of the cleanest, purest dabs you'll ever have, making it a favorite among connoisseurs and flavor lovers. If you're a fan of bold, full flavors, then you should stock up with ceramic bowls as a spare in case accidents happen. Do you prefer strong, beast-like hits? Then you should get a titanium insert that can hold the best heat possible without breaking.

Carb Caps

Caps are one of the important peak accessories that you should pay attention to. Without carb caps, you'll be wasting oil and precious vapor, no matter how efficient Puffco can be for your dabs. You can get a directional airflow carb cap to help you push your concentrate to the corner for optimum vaporization.

Should you prefer to keep the cap in place, you can get a Puffco carb cap and tether. The tether keeps the cap attached close to the Peak, which is ideal for absent-minded dabbers. You no longer have to spend hours looking for a misplaced carb cap.

These are our best picks of the different Peak accessories to help you use your smart rig better. You can get better vaporization, convenient handling, and enhanced flavors with these accessories. What's your favorite? Please do share your preference in our comment section.

Don't forget to check out our Puffco Peak review here before you go!

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