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Top 10 Best Dab Rigs for 2019

Dab Rigs
Top 10 Best Dab Rigs for 2019
Looking for the best dab rigs to choose from? We’ve ranked them down for you based on design, overall value, and most especially ease of use and dabbing experience. Read on and know what these rigs got to be included in our top ten best dab rigs for 2019.

Nexus Nano Puck

$299.95 Badass Glass

The Nexus Nano Puck is another small-sized dab rig that has a unique design yet with undeniable function. It’s designed to look like a hockey puck and built to be as strong. It has a diffused downstem that percolates vapor for smooth, yet flavorful hits. It’s 7 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. The Nexus Nano Puck has a 14mm male joint and comes with a 14mmm female quartz banger. It’s made with premium-grade borosilicate glass, making it one of the best high-end glass dab rigs in the market.

The bent neck makes it comfortable to use. Just like with the GRAV Circuit, this feature acts as a splash guard to keep you from getting splashed with each hit. Unlike its bigger counterpart, which is the Nano Puck, using an e-Nail with this can be a challenge. However, you can get a dab rig accessory like the drop-down adapter and use the Yocan Torch for torchless dabbing on the go.


  • Sleek in design.

  • Smooth and flavorful hits.

  • Strong and sturdy, ideal for clumsy dabbers.

  • Easy to clean.


  • No nail included.

  • Too small for e-Nails.

  • Vapor can be hot and harsh.

  • Low percolation.

About Nexus Glass: A newcomer in the glass industry, Nexus managed to make a name for itself as one of the innovators of glassware products. Based in Southern California, Nexus Glass gathered a team of skillful and talented glass blower artists an designers to create functional scientific glass pieces that are one-of-a-kind yet affordable.

Beta Glass Labs Omega 2.0

$599.99 420Science

The Omega 2.0 is Beta Glass Labs’ flagship glass piece. It’s made with 5mm thick German Schott borosilicate glass and tough enough to handle even the heaviest e-rig coil and nail system. You don’t have to treat the rig like a baby when you pass it around.

The Omega 2.0 features a Klein drain for fast and uninterrupted flow without bottoming out. You can draw as hard and as long as you like to get the thickest vapor possible. When paired with two large-diameter radial recycler, you got a state-of-the-art hydro-filtration technology. Your hits are super smooth and full of flavor without compromising potency.

The dab rig’s efficiency does not stop there. You won’t have too many problems with cleaning because most of the reclaim is removed from the perc. This is because of the large slits as well as how the water flows through the radial recycler.


  • Beautiful and thorough design

  • Colorful accents

  • Does not clog often

  • Can accommodate large dabs


  • Steeply priced

  • Needs good lung capacity to draw out vapor.

  • Longer vapor path

About Beta Glass Labs: The company started in 2015 and is based in Boston, MA. Armed with compassion for veterans, chronically ill, and the disabled, Beta Glass Labs created high-quality scientific medicinal instruments. Designers spent months drafting models to make sure that you only get state-of-the-art glass pieces that are up to industry standards.

GRAV Direct Inject Nano 8-arm Perc Vapor Bong

$144 Grasscity

This US-made Direct Inject dab rig is 11 inches tall and has a 10mm female joint. You’ve got 8-arm tree perc that helps diffuse vapor for maximum filtration. There’s no carb hole, and the included 10mm glass nail provides a satisfying vapor experience. If you want a deeper flavor, it’s easy to get a 10mm female nail.


  • Provides maximum percolation

  • USA made

  • Thick glass material


  • Tall and narrow, kind of top-heavy.

  • Expensive

G-Spot Dab Rig with Titanium Domeless Nail

$159.20 Grasscity

What’s the common thing that you notice with all the dab rigs in the market? They come with either glass or quartz nails. If you’re looking for a dab rig that has a titanium nail with it, check out the G-Spot Dab Rig. This has got to be the most slender dab rig you’ll get. It’s got a 29.2m ground joint and a 14.5mm connection joint for the mouthpiece. What’s unique about it is that all parts are removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. If you’re a heavy hitter or wish to have a long rest after a sesh, just soak the pieces in alcohol and take care of them after an hour or two.


  • Comes with a premium grade titanium nail for long dabbing sessions.

  • Parts are easy to clean.

  • Diffuser downstem effectively filters vapor for better flavor.

  • The long downstem helps prevent backsplash.


  • Has thinner glass compared to most da rigs.

  • The tall and slender design does not provide stability.

  • You have to wait for it to arrive from Spain.

Cheech & Chongs Big Green Van Matrix Perc Dab Rig

$106.99 Big Daddy Smoke

If you want something fun and exciting to use for your dabs, we highly recommend the Cheech & Chong Big Green Van. It’s made with durable borosilicate glass and has a drum matrix perc for added filtration. It stands 11 inches tall and has a 14m male joint and fixed downstem. The bent neck allows you to take rips naturally and comfortably for longer, enjoyable sessions.


  • Features unique and lively Cheech & Chong decals.

  • The wide joint gives better airflow for easy rips.

  • Wide base for stable dabbing.

  • Has a splash guard for limited backsplash.


  • Not much room for water.

  • The flashy decals may be a turn-off for some.

Check out our collection of Cheech & Chong dab rigs here.

About Cheech & Chong: The award-winning comedic duo Cheech & Chong became one of the icons of the smoking industry. The duo stamped their seal of approval on these dab rigs. As advocates of medicinal botanicals, you know that these approved glass implements are sure to deliver one of the best dabbing sessions.

Zob Chamber Bubbler Dab Rig

$169.99 Zob Glass Pipes

Don’t look down on the small size of this bubbler dab rig. The Zob Chamber Bubbler is 7.5 inches tall yet sports a 5mm thick glass. It’s like hitting from a can of soda, only thicker, more stable. The 3-inch diameter chamber is good enough to hold in a good amount of milk. With the smoke diffused by the fixed downstem, you get cool smooth hits without losing flavor and vapor quality. The bent neck provides comfortable use and also effective in preventing splashback. Whatever it lacks in appearance, it makes up for comfort and convenience. It’s the perfect bong that you can use every day.


  • Compact and highly comfortable.

  • You don’t have to bend over the rig to use it.

  • Thick and sturdy.

  • Stable and easy to use.


  • You may need to hit the dab rig repeatedly to get the hits that you want.

  • Limited water level.

About Zob Glass: Based in California, Zob Glass has been creating exceptional scientific glass water bongs for years. Zob is known for pushing the boundaries in designing scientific glass bongs and applies zany creativity with a system. All their glass pieces are unique, crazy, yet highly efficient.

Assorted Glass 14mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Bong With Quartz Banger 11 inchSnoop Dogg Pounds SFO Beaker Base Dab Rig

$124.40 Big Daddy Smoke

With so many lines, we won’t blame you if you mistake the Pounds glass line with other collections of the ever-prolific Snoop Dogg. The Pounds SFO Beaker features a wide beaker base for better stability. You don’t have to worry about the rig tipping over when you and your friends get rowdy. The SFO has shower perc that diffuses vapor for better filtration. You get smooth, cool hits with lots of flavor. It comes with an herb bowl as well as a quartz banger, yet there’s no compromise in function between the two. Whether you’re dabbing or smoking, you only get pleasurable, satisfying sessions with the Pounds SFO dab rig.


  • Can be used for both concentrates and herbs.

  • Comes with a quartz banger.

  • Wide beaker base, making it hard to tip over.

  • Has bigger water capacity for better filtration.

  • Can be sent as a gift with the decorative box.


  • Glass thickness unknown.

  • Can be difficult to use for beginners due to glass carb cap.

About Snoop Dogg Pounds: Pounds is the glass line created by Snoop Dogg, the iconic gangster rapper and entrepreneur from California. “Conceived in outer space,” each glass piece are crafted using high-quality borosilicate glass and are designed to elevate your smoking experience.

Grace Glass Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler with Drum Diffuser

$76 Grasscity

Small and compact, the Grace Glass Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler is one of the handiest and easiest dab rigs you can use. It stands 6.7 inches tall and has a 14mm female vapor dome with white handles. These handles also serve as roll stoppers to keep your dome on the table. You have a fixed downstem with drum diffuser that will help ease the harshness of your vapor. The flared sidecar mouthpiece of the dab rig makes for comfortable drags without having to purse your lips.


  • One of the affordable quality dab rigs you’ll get.

  • Small and compact, it’s easy to carry around and share.


  • Comes with a glass dab nail.

  • Limited water capacity for filtration.

About Grace Glass: Whether you’re looking for a glass pipe for medical or recreational use, Grace Glass has the right smoking gear for you. You’ve got everything from ash catchers, bongs, dab rigs, or handheld pipes all made with high-quality borosilicate glass.

Pulsar Combo Dab Rig-Bong Combo with Showerhead Perc

$123.12 Big Daddy Smoke

Everybody loves dual functionality. Pulsar created a water pipe that gives you the option of using concentrates as well as herbs. This dab rig-bong combo stands 10.5 inches tall and has a wide, thick base for stability. It’s got two showerhead perc that filters and diffuses smoke for smooth and cool hits. You’ve got a wide, thick base for stability, and the 90-degree joint keeps the heat away from your face as you rip. Made from high-quality, thick borosilicate glass, you’re dab rig is sure to last long and will keep you company in long, multiple sessions for years.


  • Has separate stems for concentrates and herbs

  • Easy, smooth rips

  • Strong and durable, lasts long


  • A bit wieldy to handle

  • Maintenance is a challenge

Check out more of our Pulsar Glass dab rigs here.

About Pulsar Glass: Pulsar is one of the trusted glass manufacturers in the smoking industry. You will get variety, affordability, and functionality with each line of dab rigs and bongs. No matter what your smoking needs are, and whatever mood you are in for your sesh, Pulsar has the right smoking gear for you.

GRAV Circuit Rig

$71.20 Big Daddy Smoke

The GRAV Circuit Rig is one of the best portable dab rigs. It’s a unique dab rig that has a puck design for ease of use and portability. At 5.5 inches tall, you can comfortably hold it in your hand as you take your dab. It has a 14mm male joint and has a thickness of 3.5mm.

Looking at it you’ll be thinking there’s no way you’ll get satisfying rips out of it. However, this thing hits amazingly smooth and hard. The double chamber spins the smoke and water around similar to turbine perc. This typhoon function result is vapor that is smooth and cool to the throat. The filtration is great, and power chuggers will love this. If you want to try out dabbing for the first time, you can’t go wrong with the Grav double-chamber Circuit rig. It’s easy to use, and you can swiftly store it after you’re done. If you want a bigger version, check out the


  • Small, compact design.

  • No splashback because of the bent neck.

  • The double chamber does exceptional work in cooling down the smoke.

  • Great entry level dab rig.


  • Can be intimidating to use at first because of the dainty size

  • Limited water level

  • Has a bit of draw resistance

Check out more of our GRAV dab rigs here.

About GRAV: Formerly known as Grav Labs, GRAV spent a good amount of two years perfecting the Circuit design from concept to table. The efforts of two designers eventually gave rise to the small, unique, yet highly efficient Circuit Dab Rig. If you’re looking for a dab rig that is simple to use, this is the one for you.

We hope that our list of the best dab rigs gave you a general idea of what to look for when buying a dab rig. If you want to see other scientific or heady dab rigs, check out our collection. We’ve done the hand-picking for you, so you don’t have to worry about your choice. Click here now and get the best dab rig for your collection.


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