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Top 5 Best Glow In The Dark Dab Rig for 2019

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Top 5 Best Glow In The Dark Dab Rig for 2019
The year is about to come to an end! If you’re looking for a perfect dab rig to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome the new decade with a bang, look no further! Get the best glow in the dark dab rig in our list of the bestsellers for 2019!

Glow in the Dark Pulsar RIP Silicone Dab Rig

Silicone dab rigs give fantastic performance with added durability. Put in a glow in the dark function and you’ve got a great dab rig to for your collection. This Pulsar Glow in the Dark silicone dab rig is made with premium medical grade silicone that won’t burn or melt whenever you take your dabs. It comes with a 14mm glass banger nail that is just the thing for low-temperature dabs. Part of the RIP series, this dab rig has a removable top for easy storage and cleaning. It also comes with a flared 4” diameter base that works like a suction cup. Your dab rig isn’t going anywhere until you’re done with your party.

Chameleon Glass Blacklight Reactive Dab Rig

Compact and portable, this dab rig features a beaker base for a solid sesh and ample vapor capacity. It’s made with tough borosilicate glass, with the bright green contrasting glow contrasting sharply with the dark blue or black mouthpiece and banger. The beehive recycler chamber cools your vapor, giving you a smooth dab with each session. It’s a bit pricey for a dab rig but is one of the dab rigs that will give you that glow that you’re looking for.


Assorted Glass 14mm Female Suspended UV Marble Dab Ring With Quartz Banger 7 inchAssorted Glass 14mm Female Suspended UV Marble Dab Rig With Quartz Banger 7″

When it comes to glow in the dark rigs, sometimes plain is the way to go. This dab rig has a marble perched on top that diffuses a soft glow throughout the dab rig. The dab rig has a fixed diffuser downstem that gives moisturized hits no matter what dabbing temperature you go. The angled mouthpiece keeps your face away from the heat of the quartz banger, making it safe and comfortable to use.


UV Pink Pulsar Showerhead Perc Mini Dab Rig 5.5″

This is one of our favorites here in Big Daddy Smoke. Simple to use, compact in size, it’s a dab rig you’re going to love bringing over to a friend’s house for a dark room dab party. At 5.5” tall, this dab rig gives you that punch-in-the-face hits that are full of flavor. The showerhead perc filters vapor for a clean hit that’s easy on the throat. Although simple in design, the beauty of this dab rig shows under black light. The UV accents on the base, downstem, neck, and mouthpiece cast a contrasting glow on the dark glass and quartz banger. Once you take your dabs, the rig is going to transform into a mystical display that is mesmerizing to watch. You’d want to hit this dab rig over and over again just to see the effects and enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates.

Empire Glassworks UV Aquatic Themed Rig

No one can deny the superb craftsmanship and skill shown in this dab rig. It’s an underwater scene that will make you long for a deep dive to search for an ocean paradise. It’s like your hits are going to travel on its own sea adventure starting from the anemone carb cap. It will then travel down to a fixed diffuser downstem that is adorned by a beautiful coral reef that has a clam and a huge pearl on top. The base is also surrounded by a swimming shark sharing its thoughts with a brain coral. The vapor ends its adventure at the bent neck that has a flared mouthpiece and an exploring submarine. Take the whole rig under blue light, and you’ll see a shimmering violet glow contrasted with striking bright green accents.

What’s your favorite glow in the dark dab rig?

Do you have a favorite rig that you love using with your black light? They’re just awesome when you turn off the lights and start dabbing away. If you’re still looking for that great dab rig to show off with your friends, we’ve got just the thing. Click here now and browse through our selection! You’ll find that perfect glow in the dark companion that will give you that visual stimulation you’re looking for in a dab rig!

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