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Top 5 Best Unique Dab Rigs for 2019

Dab Rigs
Top 5 Best Unique Dab Rigs for 2019
We’re on a roll for the top rigs, pipes, and bongs for 2019! Now, we’ll be featuring the top 5 best unique dab rigs that you should have in your impressive dabbing collection.

Icon Revolver Dab Rig

Not too big, not too small either. The Revolver Dab Rig by Icon has several features that landed it as one of the top unique bongs in our list. It’s made with premium boro glass that’s 5mm thick, which is sturdier than most standard dab rigs in the market. The winding stacks and the splash blocking cones make splashback close to impossible with this dab rig. If you’re one heavy puller, this is the perfect dabbing mate for you. It’s got a showerhead perc designed to moisturize your hits to keep you coming back for more.

Pulsar Inline Perc Glass Donut Dab Rig 8.75"Pulsar Inline Perc Glass Donut Dab Rig 8.75 inch

Colorful accents and a unique donut shape makes this dab rig one of the coolest and unique bongs in our collection. It’s made from quality boro glass and has ha round stable base to make it easier to use on a table or countertop. The bent neck lets you just kick back and relax as you take a pull. There are three things that you need to notice with this rig. One is the donut shape, which splits the smoke and water in half. Second is the splashguard that conveniently constricts the path of the smoke. The third is the bent neck. Put all three together and you’ve got a dab rig that has excellent protection against splashback. Did we also mention it’s got an inline perc? Your hits will be smooth, clean, and thick each time you do your dabs.

MJ Arsenal - Salem Mini Dab Rig

Make every single dab session you have turn into a Halloween event with this Salem Mini Dab Rig by MJ Arsenal. It’s a limited edition design that every cat lover and Halloween fanatics should have. They adorn the mouthpiece with a witches hat, and inside the globe is a cute little black cat perched on top of a pumpkin. The joint also has a small receptacle that will help you gather reclaim for creating your withes brew and snacks. Turn on the blacklight and the cat’s eyes will give off an eerie, captivating glow that will make you feel you’re in Salem. It’s a cute and highly functional dab rig. By the way: this baby also moonlights as a joint bubbler.

Pulsar Mini Vortex Recycler Rig With Banger 6.5”

Never discount the size of a mini recycler. This dab rig features a vortex recycler that drains water down a spiraling vortex back down to your diffuser. This action keeps your vapor in contact with water, maintaining its fresh flavor as it cools down your hits. With its angled neck and the vortex chamber acting as a splashguard, your hits are comfortable and all you get is pure vapor. Made by Pulsar, you know you’re getting a quality glass piece that has a pure function in mind.


Saxophone Recycler Rig

When reading the word “saxophone,” it’s hard not to think about something sexy, romantic, yet sophisticated. This saxophone recycler dab rig is one classy recycler with its exquisite welds and flowing curves. They suspend the whole rig on a thick 3.5” wide base to keep it steady. It’s also designed to have a low waterline level to preserve all those delicious flavors of your concentrate. With striking color accents at the joint and neck, it makes you think of a tux-clad musician belting out some romantic blues under a starry midnight sky. The pull is smooth and the flavors you get are so rich that inspiration will flow right through you.

These are our picks for the best unique dab rigs. No matter what the size, their unique design, and take on functionality will grab your attention. The rigs show more than just artistic sensibility of the glass artisan. You know that they have your whole dabbing experience in mind when they created these unique dab rigs. Because most of us hate wet lips whenever we rip, these glassblowers went the extra mile to keep your hits dry. The limited water capacity is also a plus for those who prefer bold, punchy flavors. Add in a recycler function and water will not be a problem. The longer you rip, the cooler and moisturized your hits will be.

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