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7 Essential Tips for Dry Herb Vaporizing

Dry Herb Vaporizers
7 Essential Tips for Dry Herb Vaporizing
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Dry herb vaporizing is a safe way of enjoying your herbs without taking in combustion byproducts like tar and resin. You will taste the essence of your flowers and herbs, and it hits right at the spot. If you’re new to vaping or wish to enjoy your vaporizer better, here are some useful tips for dry herb vaporizing that can enhance your vaping experience.

storz bickel plenty handheld dry herb vaporizer

Know your dry herb vaporizer

Get familiar with the controls, functions, and use of your dry herb vaporizer. Does it have a flexible temperature range like the Storz & Bickel Mighty, or does it have fixed temperature settings like the G Pen Elite dry herb vaporizer? Does it vaporize through conduction or convection? What’s the vapor path, and how much herb does it need to vaporize properly? Take the time to read the manual and how-to’s. Once you’re familiar with your vaporizer, you’re ready to start vaping.

Get fresh, well-prepared herbs

Fresh herbs will always give you the best vapor flavor. We’re not talking about herbs freshly picked from a grower. We’re talking about cured herbs that are not sitting in storage for weeks in a plastic or paper bag. A properly stored herb should not be parked in storage for more than 6-12 mos as the effects diminish by 17% in a year.

When you hear about cured herbs, this means that the buds underwent a process to prepare them for your vaping sessions. Ever wonder why a batch of herb is harsher compared to another even if the product came from the same strain? That’s because that batch was not cured properly. Curing removes excess moisture and preserves all the volatile yet essential compounds of your herbs before they shift into harsh components.

A wet herb won’t vaporize well since you have to deal with different vaporizing temperature points of water and essential herb compounds. What’s more, the presence of water vapor will interfere with the taste and effect of your vape. A completely dry herb, on the other hand, won’t give you much to vaporize.

Grind your herbs properly

How you grind your herbs will affect how the dry herb vaporizer can do its work.

For conduction vaporizers: Since you’ll be working with direct heat, you should put a little extra effort in grinding. Make sure to grind your herb to a fine texture. You can get stable and even vaporization since this will increase the surface area of the herb that will come in contact with the oven.

For convection vaporizers: A medium-course ground is best since you’re dealing with circulating air in a vaporizer. You’ll be sucking herbs along with vapor if you grind the herbs too finely. A medium-coarse grind will allow air to circulate throughout the herbs and will keep it from flying up to the mouthpiece. You may want to invest in a specialized herb grinder that will help you achieve that level of coarseness if you’re grinding large quantities of herbs for desktop vaporizers such as the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer.

Pack properly

Just like with a bong or glass blunt, packing your vaporizer can have a huge effect on vaping efficiency and consistency. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendation on how much herb you can pack in a dry herb vaporizer. For example, The Da Vinci IQ works best if it’s filled generously, almost up to the lip of the ceramic heating chamber.

Tamp the herb down inside the oven depending on the type of oven your dry herb vaporizer has. Conduction type vaporizers should be packed tightly but not so much that there’s no room for heat transfer with the rest of the herbs. A convection type oven needs to be in the middle of a loose and tight pack for better air circulation.

davinci classic dry herb vape

Controlled draw

Take soft, gentle puffs from your vaporizer instead of a heavy, long drag. You want to avoid drawing herbs with your vape. Also doing hard and long draws cool down the oven of your vaporizer, forcing your unit to work double time to maintain the proper heating temperature.

Taking a puff from a vaporizer needs a bit of practice, especially if you’re used to pulling from a bong, dab rig, or a blunt. Start soft and slow, gradually increasing the pressure of your drag until you get the right pressure going.

Get the right temperature

The best temperature range for vaping is between 126°F-428°F. Going any higher will lead to combustion. Depending on the type of vaporizer you use, you can control the temperature by:

  • Cycling through the preset temperature setting (i.e. G Pen Pro)

  • Using control buttons to set the temperature (i.e. Arizer Solo 2)

  • Through an app (i.e. Firefly 2)

We recommend that you start low, especially if this is your first time using a vaporizer and never smoked anything before. Most first-time users get put off with vaping because they want to start at a high-temperature setting, thinking they will get the best experience. Although vapes are relatively gentler and smoother compared to smoke, you will still feel the heat and irritation if you vape high. Go low and slow, gradually increasing the temperature. Adaptation is better if you start from the bottom, rather than titrating from the top.

We hope that these tips will help you appreciate your vaporizer and use it to the fullest. You can start with a simple vaporizer like our G Pen Pro. It has a one-button control feature, and it’s easy to load and use. Once you get used to using this beginner-friendly device, you can level up to a more sophisticated dry herb vaporizer that offers more functionality and flexibility.

As a beginner, what makes using dry herb vaporizers a challenge for you? For pros, what tips can you give to those who are just beginning to vape? Please share your questions and your tips in our comment section!


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