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Atomic9: Budget-Friendly Vaping Efficiency

Dry Herb Vaporizers
Atomic9: Budget-Friendly Vaping Efficiency
Cloudious9 is making some serious innovations in the market. They once created the Hydrology9, the first-ever portable dry herb vaporizer that has water filtration. Now comes the Atomic9, a possible game-changer in the world of vaping.

What is the Atomic9 Vaporizer?

The Atomic9 vaporizer is a new hybrid vaporizer designed to make vaping cost-effective and efficient.

What sets the Atomic9 dry herb vaporizer apart from other vaporizers are three things: The patent-pending dual-layer heating technology heats the full ceramic heating chamber through conduction and convection. The hybrid heating system that takes 30-45 seconds to get ready, which makes the Atomic9 one of the fast-heating budget vaporizers in the market. Heating stays on for 2 minutes, which gives you enough time to enjoy your herbs without wasting plant material.

The second most important feature of the Atomic9 is a cooling chamber located beneath the magnetic mouthpiece. This chamber keeps the unit cooler longer, and also provides smooth hits. It also has a retractable loading shovel that makes packing your herbs fast and convenient. No more mess and spills when loading your herbs.

You can set the Atomic9 vaporizer to six preset temperatures ranging from 356℉ to 428℉. These temperatures fall within the ideal range of vaping temperatures that will target your vapor goals. The Atomic9 has an LCD screen at the side, allowing you to see what temperature you're at. If you're new to dry herb vaping, your vaporizer comes with a vapor heating guide that will help you target your vaping temp.

Vapor quality and experience

The vapor quality is excellent. You get mellow, flavorful hits on the low temp settings, which many say is the best setting for the Atomic9 vaporizer. High settings give you massive clouds with bold hits - not a punch-in-the-face experience, but strong none-the-less.

Although good things come in small, budget packages, there are some downsides to the Atomic9. The vaporizer has a short battery life, which gives you 3-6 sessions on a full charge. The smoothness of the hits also lowers down on extended sessions, especially if you're vaping on high temperatures. Still, it offers great functionality and ease of use for such a compact yet modern vaporizer.

How do you use the Atomic9?

The Atomic9 vaporizer makes it vaporizing efficient with its patent-pending heating technology. To fully utilize the dual-layer heating technology:

  1. Grind your herbs to a medium grind. You can use a grinder like the Kannastor 4pc multi-chamber grinder to see just how fine your grinds are. Don't grind too fine or you'll inhale plant material along with your vapor.

  2. Push out the loading shovel to load your herbs and fill the chamber. Tamp the herbs lightly then close the magnetic lid.

  3. Turn on the vaporizer by pressing the power button rapidly three times.

    The residue chamber keeps the unit clean, eliminating the need for pipe screens

  4. To set the temperature, hold the power button down for 5 seconds. Once the LED blinks, press the button once to cycle through the heat settings.

  5. Press the button for 3 seconds to start heating, then wait for the LED to turn green. Once it does, pull from the magnetic mouthpiece. Sip as if you're drinking water from a straw instead of a heavy pull.

  6. Keep the vapor in for 2-3 secs and exhale.

The proper way of cleaning

Cleaning the Atomic09 vaporizer is easier.

  1. Take out your ABV material from the chamber. Use a cleaning tool to push any left-over residue from the ceramic oven down to the residue chamber.

  2. Use a flat tool to pull out the residue chamber from the Atomic9

  3. Pull out the rapid cooling mouthpiece from the bottom of the lid and unscrew the parts. Use a cleaning brush to take out any debris.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly for your herbs that are portable and beginner-friendly, this is the ideal vaporizer. The Atmos9 vaporizer may not give an exceptional vaping experience like the Storz and Bickel Crafty or the Da Vinci IQ. For the price, though, it's surprisingly functional with features that you won't find in any dry herb vaporizer within the price bracket.

It's a highly portable vaporizer that doesn't need too much attention. Regular light cleaning ensures that your Atomic9 vaporizer maintains its optimum function level for an enjoyable vape session on the go.

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