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What is a Desktop Vaporizer?

Dry Herb Vaporizers
What is a Desktop Vaporizer?
There are dab pens, and there are desktop vaporizers. Although dab pens offer you versatility and portability, it does not compare to the efficiency of a desktop vaporizer.

Powerful vaping at home

The Arizer V-Tower Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer allows you to control the temperature of your vaporizer accurately. The Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer

First appearing as a simple box-style vaping device that utilizes whips for vaping, desktop vaporizers now evolve in sophisticated designs. High-tech vaporizers now come with temperature control and internal fans that gives you the option of choosing whether you want to do whip draws or bag inhalation.

Desktop units are best for people who prefer to get medicated at home. Compared to portable vape pens, tabletop vapes are plugged directly to a power source. Think about e-nails for dab rigs. The only difference is, instead of vaporizing concentrates, you’re vaporizing herbs.

How does a desktop vaporizer work?

Desktop vaporizers work through convection, which is vaporizing the essence of your herbs through dry heat instead. As a result, your vapors are smoother, cleaner, and you get the true taste of your herbs compared to bongs and pipes. Depending on the design, hot air reaches the herb chamber when you draw from the whip, or through a fan.

Digital vs. analog temperature control

You have better control over the heat with desktop vaporizers, whether you are using one that has digital or analog temperature controls

Digital desktop vaporizers like the Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer have an LCD that shows the temperature of your vaporizer. It’s popular among consumers because you can easily see both the current temp and the set temp. This eliminates the guesswork of when the device is ready to use. You can adjust the temperature through single-degree increments, giving you better control over the temperature of the vaporizer.

Analog desktop vaporizers have knobs like the Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer that you turn clockwise to increase the vaping temperature. However, depending on the design, the dial would either show temperature settings in degrees, numbers or none at all.

What are the different types of desktop vaporizers?

When choosing a desktop vaporizer, you have the option of picking either a whip-style vaporizer or a forced-air/balloon bag vaporizer.


The Arizer V-Tower Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer delivers vapor as you draw through the whip. The Storz and Bickel Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

Medical-grade hoses called “whips” are attached to the desktop vaporizers that you draw from similar to what you would do with a hookah. The whole whip comes in three parts:

  • Wand – serves as your herb compartment

  • Tubing – made of medical-grade silicone that serves as your vapor path

  • Mouthpiece – can be silicone or glass that you use to draw from the whip.

Due to its simplistic design, whip-style desktop vaporizers are often more comfortable and more convenient to use.

Forced-air/Balloon bag

By utilizing a modern vaping design, forced-air vaporizers have internal fans that push hot air up to the herb chamber for vaporization. At the same time, the fan drives the vapor to the receiving bag. This is good for those who are unable to stand or sit near the vaping unit. The bag also comes with the added benefit of sharing the vapor among friends, and stores it for 8 hours.


Desktop vaporizers can also have dual functions like the Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizer. You can use both whips and bags to enjoy your vapes at home.

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that offers more flavor and allows you to vape for more extended periods, it’s better to choose a desktop vaporizer. Our collection offers you different choices of desktop vaporizers that can help you get medicated or wind down after a long day.

What made you interested in a desktop vaporizer? Do you have specific needs that only a desktop vaporizer can give? Please share them at the comment section!


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