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Top 5 Best Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer for 2019

Dry Herb Vaporizers
Top 5 Best Convection Dry Herb Vaporizer for 2019
More than half of the year has gone and we’re now getting the end of 2019. A good number of vapors have not tried, tested, and gave their approval on several dry herb vaporizers. Now we’re going to feature top 5 of the best convection dry herb vaporizer that you can get in the market today.

Storz & Bickel Mightymighty convection dry herb vaporizer

Since its release four years ago, the Storz & Bickel Mighty easily became one of the leading favorites. Despite its retro design, the Mighty was able to win the hearts of many vapers despite its price because of its amazing vaping delivery.

The Storz & Bickel Mighty is straightforward to use, and probably one of the easiest vaporizers to get accustomed to. It’s got a wide temperature range of 104°F-410°F, which you control using the buttons located at the side of the LCD screen. The whole body is made of high-quality plastic. Despite this noticeable construction, the Mighty is engineered expertly that you only taste herbs when you vape. It’s also got a reliable battery that gives you 8-10 sessions on a full charge.

What sets it apart from other convection vaporizers is that it’s got a hybrid vapor system that produces the best and smoothest cloud production. Even with the new release of the improved Mighty, Storz & Bickel still maintained its excellent German engineering.

DaVinci MiQro

If you love the DaVinci IQ, you’ll love the DaVinci Miqro. It’s an ultra-portable vaporizer that you can easily hold within the palm of your hand. It’s a stylish vaporizer that gives you the technology and functionality that DaVinci is known for at an affordable price.

Don’t be fooled by its size. This little vaporizer can easily give you an enjoyable session whether you’re vaping solo, or with your friends. The stylish design makes it blend in any occasion. Whether you’re in a fundraiser gala or having a rowdy night with your friends in a concert, the MiQro is a vaporizer you’ll gladly show off.

The DaVinci MiQro features a ceramic convection oven, giving you the purest taste of your herbs. The Zirconia ceramic path helps maintain the flavor without getting too hot to the touch. It’s got a Smart Path Technology that gradually heats up the unit at 20° increments. This gives you taste of the full temperature spectrum of 300°F-430°F.
Draw resistance is minimal, and you don’t have any issues on cleaning and maintaining your DaVinci MiQro. This is the best dry herb convection vaporizer if you’re looking for something portable, stylish, functional, and long battery life.

arizer solo 2 dry herb convection vaporizerArizer Solo II

Arizer Solo II is more than just a step up from its legendary predecessor which is the Arizer Solo. It’s smaller, gives you complete control over your vaporizer, and it’s entirely digital for a customizable session.

Thanks to the digital screen on the front, using the Arizer Solo II is easier and simple. You can change the temperature settings to C° and F°, so you don’t have to do mental conversion on what temperature you want to vape. It comes with a 122°F - 428°F temperature range which you can set to 1° increment to give you the exact vaping experience that you’re looking for.

The Arizer Solo II is mainly a dry herb convection vaporizer. There’s a little conduction going on because the borosilicate mouthpiece that also acts as your herb holder is attached to the walls of the convection oven. The glass vapor path gives you a clean taste of your herbs, and you get solid hits thanks to its efficient heating system. The recessed heat jets keep the oven temperature stable even during a hard draw, so you don’t have to adjust to the unit.

As part of the Arizer brand of vaporizers, the Arizer Solo will never fall short of your vaping expectations. It’s not as tasty and flavorful as the Mighty, but you will get your money’s worth with the Arizer Solo II.

Utillian 721

The Utillian 721 is an award-winning vaporizer that is almost comparable to the Storz & Bickel Mighty. It’s one of the simplest convection dry herb vaporizers to use, and budget-friendly as well. It’s a great vaporizer for both beginners as well as connoisseurs who are looking for a more profound and flavorful experience.

Imagine using a vaporizer for 60 minutes on a full charge. With a powerful 18650 polymer lithium-ion battery that has a 2100 mAh capacity, your session won’t fall short. It takes about a minute to heat up, but the long vaping sesh, as well as the flavor, more than make up for the wait.

The design of the Utillian 721 is deceptive. Despite its 1-button operation, you’ll be surprised to find that it’s got 8 preset temperature (338°F, 347°F, 356°F, 365°F, 374°F, 386°F, 410°F, 419°F). Two clicks on the button and you’ll be able to cycle through those 8 preset temps to get the vapor effect that you need. Thanks to the LED on top of the device, checking on the temperature is also easy.

The swiveling mouthpiece takes a bit of getting used to at first. The plastic material can also make you think twice about this vaporizer. However, a lot of vapers are delighted to find out that there’s no effect on the vapor flavor at all. With the added capability of vaporizing concentrates, the Utillian 721 is no doubt worthy of its accolade.

G Pen Pro

Grenco Science is serious about their products, especially with the G Pen Pro. They just released a new and improved version that is smaller and more affordable than the previous one. With a single-button operation and 3 temperature settings, beginners will have a relaxing time with the G Pen Pro.

There are no details about what battery the G Pen Pro has. Still, you’ll be glad to know that you can get 40 minutes of continuous use after 2-3 hours of charging. You have three temperature settings to choose from which are 375°F, 400°F, and 428°F. With a 30-second heat-up time, you don’t have to wait long to get started on vaping with your G Pen Pro.

Save for the plastic mouthpiece, the G Pen Pro is made up of durable aluminum. You can take it with you anywhere you want to go, and you don’t have to worry about babysitting it in your pocket. The mouthpiece can also get hot after a long use, which makes it necessary for a silicone cover in case you want to extend your session.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is an excellent piece of vaping technology. With a compact body, this dry herb convection vaporizer can give you superb flavor through on-demand heating.

The Firefly 2 is a 2-in-1 dry herb vaporizer made of high-grade magnesium alloy. It’s a light and durable vaporizer that you can take it with you and store in your pocket. Charge it for 45 minutes, and you get about 6-8 vape sessions out of the Firefly. It’s a short sesh, but the replacement battery can be your friend on standby.

Vaping on-demand with the Firefly 2 is easy. A simple touch on the sensitive contact sensors and your unit is good to go. It’s got an app feature that lets you control how to operate the sensors as well as the 6+1 temperature presets.
The vapor path is made of borosilicate glass, so you get full, clean flavor of your herbs. There’s a bit of drag to it, but you’ll quickly get used to the unit them more you use the vaporizer. To know more about the Firefly 2, please click here for our full review.

These are just some of the best convection dry herb vaporizers available in the market. If you’re still looking for a good vaporizer, please check out our collection. We have a mix of both convection and conduction dry herb vaporizers that will fit your budget.

Before you go, please have a look at our “Best Of” series.


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