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Top 5 Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2019

Dry Herb Vaporizers
Top 5 Best Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2019
Consistency, stability, and efficiency. Those are the three characters that aptly describe desktop dry herb vaporizers. Here are the best desktop vaporizers for 2019 that are worthy investments for an excellent vaping experience.

silver surfer desktop dry herb vaporizerSilver Surfer Vaporizer:

Good for: herbs, wax, and oil
Style: Whip
Oven type: Convection

The Silver Surfer is a uniquely designed desktop vaporizer. It’s got a broad base and an angled body that sets it apart from other vaporizers. This simple-looking dry herb vaporizer provides one of the satisfying experiences that you’ll get.

It comes with an all-ceramic heating chamber that keeps the clean, clear flavor of your herbs or concentrates. This material, of course, makes the chamber fragile, but it’s a small price to pay for toxin-free vapor. The ceramic chamber of the Silver Surfer keeps all electrical components away from your vaping material.

The unit is easy to use. Just pack your herbs in the wand, and connect it to the heating chamber. A central knob in front allows you to control the temperature. It doesn’t give you precise temperature control as other digital vaporizers, but it does its job really well.

Cloud chasers won't’ get much from the Silver Surfer. There are other desktop vaporizers that can produce thicker clouds than the Silver Surfer, but it’s still a pretty decent unit. It takes about 5 minutes to heat up, but the wait is well worth it. The unit can get hot especially the heating chamber so make sure not to touch the unit while it’s heating.

da buddha desktop dry herb vaporizerDa Buddah Vaporizer

Good for: Herbs
Style: Whip
Oven type: Convection

From the makers of the slick Silver Surfer comes another heavyweight vaporizer, which is Da Buddha. Instead of a leaning unit, you get an upright vaporizer that has the same concept but more natural to use in terms of hands-free operation.

Unlike the Silver Surfer, you can attach the whip to the heating chamber, so all you have to do is sit back and vape away. There’s something about 7th floor designs that made them go down from being the best vaporizers in the market. Temperature regulation is very important for both Silver Surfer and Da Buddha. Slow, leisurely draws means a lower temperature range, or you’ll burn your herbs. If you prefer strong and fast hits, you have to set the unit to a higher range, or you won’t get any vapor from the unit.

Still, once you got the temperature range down to pat, you’ll only get flavorful, satisfying draws from Da Buddha. The ceramic heating element provides the right amount of heat without affecting the flavor of your herbs.

Because of the analog design, there’s no telling what temperature you’re vaping at with Da Buddha. It’s estimated that you can go as high as 500°F, which certainly poses a high risk of combustion. It’s best to keep the dial at a 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock position to keep your herbs from burning. Da Buddha takes about 90 seconds to heat up, so you don’t have to wait long to begin your sesh.

arizer extreme q desktop dry herb vaporizerArizer Extreme Q

Good for: Herbs
Style: Whip, Balloon, Aromatherapy
Oven type: Convection

The Arizer Extreme Q is a highly versatile vaporizer that is more affordable than the Herbalizer or Volcano. However, its vaping efficiency comes close to these top contenders compared to other vaporizers in the market.

Operating the Arizer Extreme Q is easy. You can draw directly from the whip attachment, or collect the vapor in a balloon for a more leisurely vaping session. It’s got a ceramic heating element that vaporizes your herbs between 122°F to 500°F. In just about 1-2 minutes, the Arizer Q will reach your desired temperature. This is relatively faster compared to the Volcano and Da Buddha, but not as fast as the Herbalizer.

As a digital desktop vaporizer, you can accurately set the temperature using the buttons on the unit, or through remote control. You have three fan settings as well, giving you full control over how fast the unit will push the vapor through the whip. You can also use balloons, but you need to keep your thumb over the valve to keep the vapor from escaping.

herbalizer desktop dry herb vaporizerHerbalizer

Good for: Herbs, wax, and e-juice
Style: Whip, balloon, or aromatherapy
Oven type: Convection

4 years in the making, this brain-child of two former NASA scientists is like a desktop vaporizer unlike any other. The slick design of the Herbalizer makes you think that you’re operating a spaceship pod to get your vapes going.

What’s unique about the Herbalizer is that this is the only desktop vaporizer that has a microchip processor. It takes into account both internal and external temperatures, giving you one of the precise and highly accurate digital temperature control.

Another thing that sets the Herbalizer apart is the 350-watt halogen lamp that heats up to 445°F to a record-breaking 15 seconds. According to the makers, the Herbalizer is created in a way that it will provide the best vaping experience, especially for those who are using the unit for holistic medicinal purposes.

The Herbalizer is a multi-purpose unit, which you can use with a whip, balloon, or for aromatherapy sessions. Its convection chamber can efficiently vaporize herbs, concentrates, and even e-juice.

storz and bickel desktop dry herb vaporizerStorz & Bickel Volcano

Good for: Dry herb, wax
Style: Balloon
Oven type: Convection

The Volcano vaporizer tops our charts for the best desktop vaporizer. It’s true that the Herbalizer is an ultra-modern futuristic vaporizer that can give the best vaping experience. However, when it comes to price, durability, and dependability, the Volcano is still the king of all vaporizers.

You have two types of Volcano desktop vaporizer to choose from: Classic and Digital. The Volcano Classic is an analog-style desktop vaporizer that is simple to use and operate. The Volcano Digital is a more precise unit in terms of temperature control that allows you to set the temperature at 1-degree increments for a highly-customized vaping experience.

The Storz & Bickel Volcano has one of the dependable and powerful heating systems around. It can easily vaporize about 0.5g of herbs, but using the Filling Chamber Reducer lets you vape about 0.15g. What sets the Volcano apart from other desktop vaporizers is the wide chamber. The herbs are spread evenly, getting the same amount of hot air. There’s no need for frequent stirring or even none at all as you fill up your balloon.

The balloon system that you get with the Storz & Bickel is efficiently designed for easy vaping. The bag stands upright and does not fall over like the bag you use with the Herbalizer. You don’t have to seal the balloon as the valve opens whenever you take a hit. One bag can be used 50-100 times, which is saying a lot for a reusable bag.

These are the best desktop vaporizers that you can get. Which one do you have and what makes it special for you? Please share your desktop vaporizer with us in the comment section!


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