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Top 5 Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank For Vape Mods

Dry Herb Vaporizers
Top 5 Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank For Vape Mods
Vaping oils and concentrates are great in terms of potency and hits. However, there are moments when you just want to enjoy the aroma and flavor of your herbs. You have a fantastic mod tank, so why not use it to vape dry herbs? Here are the top 5 dry herb vaporizer attachments that you can use to enjoy the sweet, fruity, earthy floral flavor of your herbs.

Cloupor Cloutank M4

Cloudpor designed the Cloutank M4 with upgraded features from the M3. The M4 is a 2-in-1 atomizer that you can use for both herbs and concentrates. It comes with interchangeable coils that you can swap whenever you want to use it for herbs.

The Cloutank M4 has a stainless steel body wrapped in clear borosilicate glass for insulation. You get a 510 threading that makes it a universal dry herb vaporizer tank for 510 threaded mods and battery sticks. The Cloutank M4 dry herb tank has an all-metal vapor path, so you don’t have to worry about any plastic taste to your vapes.

You also have a dual filter system that keeps herbs from going through the mouthpiece. There’s no problem with draw resistance thanks to the airflow control located at the bottom of the tank. With a simple adjustment, you can make your vape thicker and cooler.

The Cloutank M4 is a discreet vape mod dry herb vaporizer attachment that can pass as an e-cig tank. It does come with several threaded parts, which can either make cleaning easy or a chore. However, you don’t have to worry about the threads as everything fits snugly into place.


  • Handy design

  • Spring function

  • Deep chamber

  • Spring function of the mouthpiece makes it easy to unload


  • Comes with a lot of screw-in parts

  • Herbs come in direct contact with the coils, which can cause possible damage if used carelessly.

Mr. Bald T

If you always have a problem with elevated coils, have a go with the Mr. Bald T Wickless Ceramic Atomizer. With a solid stainless steel construction and fine ceramic, this vaporizer can give you hours of pure vaping enjoyment.

What sets the Mr. Bald T from other dry herb vaporizers is the Touch Point technology. It’s an efficient heating system that helps conserve herbs while giving you the best flavor. The ceramic coil is known for the best heat transfer and flavor delivery, and the absence of a wick or coil makes it easy to use and clean.

The Mr. Bald T has a 510 threaded connection and has a coil resistance of 0.3ohm. You can use it on 20-50 Watt devices, with an optimum performance at 19-30W or 3.7V. Because of the ceramic chamber, using temp control mode settings is not advised. Set the mod to bypass, variable voltage, or variable wattage mode to prevent cracking or damaging the coil.


  • Durable stainless steel

  • Removable and replaceable ceramic bowl

  • Has a protective glass tube to keep in both material and vapor

  • Conserves herbs


  • Not compatible with temp control mod settings

Black Sub-Herb

Mig Vapor upgraded their previous Sub-Herb vape tank and came up with the Black Sub-Herb dry herb vaporizer attachment. This tank is capable of vaporizing not only concentrates but herbs as well.

The Mig Vapor Black Sub-Herb tank is a 510 thread dry herb tank with zero plastic parts. The body comes in black-coated stainless steel which gives it an added stealth feature. It’s both easy to use as well as clean. You can disassemble the unit completely when it’s time to do some maintenance.

This dry herb vaporizer attachment is 65 degrees hotter compared to its predecessor, giving you a wider temperature range for your vape. You can use the Black Sub-Herb on a 17-25 wattage range for satisfying vaporization. With the ceramic heating coil and the long, thin mouthpiece, you get solid vapor flavor. The added airflow holes make draws easy and produce satisfying clouds. Do avoid using temp control mod or you will risk cracking the coils.

The metal mouthpiece can get hot if used for long sessions. However, Mig Vapor added a silicone mouthpiece attachment to help create a barrier between your lips and the mouthpiece.


  • Ceramic baking plate

  • Great vapor production

  • No exposed heating element

  • Sleek, discreet design


  • Regular cleaning required

  • Small tank size

Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry Herb Tank

Easy to use and clean, the Honey Stick Oz Ohm Dry is another dependable dry herb vaporizer attachment for your mod.

The Honey Stick Oz Ohm is a dry herb tank with 510 thread and has a 0.5ohm resistance heating coil. You have a ceramic heating chamber for the truest and purest flavor of your herb. Wrapped around the heating chamber is a tempered Pyrex glass to help keep the vapor smooth and pleasant. If you want to have a longer vapor path or feel uncomfortable in sharing, you can attach the silicone mouthpiece.

The atomizer works best between 15-28W, although some users opt to go as low as 7W. This range prevents you from burning out your coil, although there are replacement coils that you can purchase. Low temps give you light, flavorful vapor, while high temps give you dense clouds and bold flavors.


  • Easy to use

  • Fast heat-up time

  • Easy to clean with iso alcohol

  • Transparent chamber shows vapor action, as well as a peek on how the herbs are cooking.

  • Comes with an extra mesh screen


  • Chamber needs a bit of a warm-up for 5 seconds before doing the initial hit.

Grizzly Eclipse Dry Herb Tank

The Grizzly Eclipse is a powerful dry herb vaporizer tank. It features a deep ceramic chamber and a borosilicate glass mouthpiece for the cleanest flavor possible. It has 510 threading that attaches to any standard mod capable of sub-ohm vaping. Looks like a regular vape tank but it’s designed for use with dry herb.

The herb tank has a ceramic chamber, producing even heat for efficient vaping. The Eclipse also has a borosilicate mouthpiece which keeps the flavor of your vapes.


  • Deep oven

  • Ceramic chamber

  • 20-second heat-up time


  • Short mouthpiece

  • Mouthpiece can get a bit hot

These are the best dry herb vaporizer attachments that you can use for your vape mods. Using them needs a bit of a learning curve. Since different box mods have different settings and features, how you use these tanks will also differ in each box mod.

However, once you get the feel of using these vape tanks, you’ll be using them far more often with your box mod. If you prefer to use something more simple and intuitive, have a look at our dry herb vaporizers. Everything you need is already in one unit, and there’s no need for any fancy configuration with a box mod. If you want a really customizable vaping, we encourage you to check out the Davinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizer, or the Storz & Bickel Mighty Handheld Dry Herb Vaporizer. For a straightforward dry herb vaping, we have dry herb pens like the G Pen Nova 2-in-1 Herb & Dab Pen and the Grasshopper Titanium Stealth Dry Herb Vape Pen.

Do you have any preferred dry herb vaporizer attachment? Please share your dry herb vaporizer attachment for e-cig in our comment section.


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