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What Is Glass Filter Used For in a Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

Dry Herb Vaporizers
What Is Glass Filter Used For in a Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen
There are different ways for you to enjoy your vaporizer pen, and one of them is using a glass filter. It’s useful for vape pens that use conduction to vaporize herbs, like those with exposed coils. So does that mean it turns your vape into a convection type vaporizer? In a way it does, since its an insulative barrier between your herbs and heating coils.

What is a glass filter?

A glass filter is a circular disk that you place inside your vaporizer’s heating chamber. It comes in different sizes:

  • 7mm – used for Atmosrx, AGO and AGOJr., Atmos Jr. G Pen Nova, Yocan Evolve-D, or almost any small-sized dry herb vape pens.

  • 9mm – for Yocan Mak, Cloudpor, V-Hit, Atmos R2, or some mid-sized vaporizers.

  • 12 mm – fits Yocan 94F and other large-sized dry herb pen vaporizers

Although you can use them with conduction vaporizers, glass filters can also enhance the smoking experience with glass pipes.

What is a glass filter used for in a dry herb vaporizer pen

There three ways that you can use the glass filter in your vaporizer pen.

You can use a 7mm glass screen in the Yocan Evolve-D dry herb vaporizer

Control combustion

One of the reasons why some get disappointed with vaping dry herbs is that the coils come in direct contact with your herbs, causing combustion or burning of the leaves. The result is harsh, dry, and hot smoke that is almost similar to a pipe or blunt. Glass filters are used to help prevent direct contact between your herb and your vaporizer coils. You get maximum vaporization without turning your greens into blackened dust.

Enhance airflow

Glass filters usually come in honeycomb designs that let the heat go through the holes as it sits on top of your vaporizer coils. As you fire up the chamber, heat goes up and through your herbs and you get better vapor with each pull. You get no particles as you drag since you don’t need to sip too hard to let the heat circulate through your herbs.

Prevent your chamber from getting clogged

One of the problems with using conduction vaporizers is that some of the material can burn and eventually clog the oven. The glass filter help suspend the herbs inside the oven, protecting the coils and heating chamber from getting combusted debris. Your vaporizer is easier to clean, and you have less risk of damaging the coils.

Vapor cooling

Glass takes long to heat, which makes it an effective barrier against combustion. As a result, the vapor produced is cooled down before it reaches the mouthpiece. You’ll be able to enjoy your vapes better with less irritation in your throat.

When you buy glass filters for your vaporizer, make sure that you have the right size and thickness. Too small and it will be ineffective, while a big disc won’t fit inside your chamber. Thickness is also important. Thin glass filters result in faster heat transfer as if there’s no glass filter at all. A thick glass filter, on the other hand, will interfere with the heating chamber resulting in reduced vaporization.

Glass filters are great for conduction type vaporizers. It helps provide convection-type vaporization without interfering with your vaporizer’s hardware and specs. The heating time may take longer, but the effects are worth it. You can use this too in convection type vaporizers. It helps minimize how often you need to clean and unclog the chamber whenever you vape.

Getting a glass filter for your dry herb vaporizer is ideal if you wish to have cooler vapes with maximum flavor. It prevents combustion and helps you keep your chamber from getting clogged. It’s easy to remove from your chamber and requires minimal effort to clean.

What got you interested in a glass filter? What dry herb vaporizer did you use it with? Please feel free to share your story in our comment section!

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