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DIY: How to Make a Homemade Glass Blunt

Glass Blunts
DIY: How to Make a Homemade Glass Blunt
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You can make your own glass blunt at home using simple materials. Here’s what you need to do to make one at home.


To make a DIY glass blunt, you will need:

  • A pair of glass tubing, one of smaller diameter so that it can fit inside the bigger one.

  • OR an old glass cigar tube or test tube

  • A pair of corks

  • A torch

  • A scoring knife or blade

  • A pair of thick gloves to protect yourself from cuts.

  • Absorbent twine, alcohol and lighter or;

  • Nail or soldering iron

  • Long nose pliers

Making a DIY glass blunt using glass tubings

  1. Measure a twine around the glass tubing and cut it. The length should be enough to go around the tube with a knot. Soak the twine in alcohol.

  2. Measure your desired length of the glass tube. Mark it with a pen.

  3. Score around the tubing using a scoring knife or blade. Make sure you get a deep, clean cut around it. You should hear a grating sound as you score the glass.

  4. You can split the tube now by gripping the tube between your hands. Place your thumbs on each side of the cut. Pull the tubing in opposite directions until it splits. If you want a clean cut:

  5. Wrap the twine around the glass tubing. Wipe the glass if there the alcohol leaks at the side of the twine. Light up the twine and spin the tubing around so that the fire heats the tube evenly. You would hear a pop or crack and you’ll be able to split the tube once the fire dies out. OR;

  6. Touch the scored line with a hot soldering iron or red-hot nail. That should be enough to split the glass tubing.

  7. Do the same with the other smaller piece if you want a slider glass blunt.

  8. Use the torch to smoothen the edges. You can also use sandpaper or sharpening stone. Run it under water and grind the edges so that it’s nice and smooth.

  9. Cut two pieces of cork. One piece should fit snugly inside the large tube but with enough give to let you push the herbs forward. The other will be your stopper to keep the smoke inside the large chamber.

  10. Drill a hole in the middle of the two corks. This is where the inner glass tube should go through.

Making a homemade glass blunt using a glass cigar tube or test tube

  1. You can cut the other end of the glass cigar tube/test tube using the same method above. Or;

  2. Take your butane torch and heat up the closed end until it glows orange.

  3. Keeping the tip in the flame, gently puff air through the tube until a hole is formed at the end.

  4. Clean out the thin pieces using a pair of long-nose pliers while it’s pliable and hot.

  5. Smoothen the edges with the use of a torch and running the pliers around the hole to create a lobed opening. Or you can use sandpaper/sharpening stone and water.

  6. Create a cork stopper the same way as the one above.

How to use your DIY homemade glass blunt

  1. Pack your glass blunt the same way as you would with a slider glass blunt.

  2. Put the corks and inner tube in if you are using them.

  3. Light up the herb and enjoy.

  4. If you don’t want to have a slider, you can use a metal rod to push out the ash.

Things to consider

The glass tubing can be in any diameter that you wish, depending on how much you want to pack into your glass blunt. You can also use silicone heat shrink tubing if you want an air-tight and secure connection in your glass pieces. It can be expensive and requires a bit of dexterity to get the fit right.

When using a torch, make sure that you apply all the safety measures to prevent burning yourself or your surroundings.

Making a homemade glass blunt is simple. The design is a somewhat rustic, though, and a bit time consuming to create. For safety and ease of use, purchase glass blunts expertly crafted by talented glass blowers. The best part is, our glass blunts have mouthpieces that help make smoking comfortable to your lips. Check our collection of glass blunts and see which one will best suit your needs.

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