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How to Keep a Glass Blunt Lit Properly

Glass Blunts
How to Keep a Glass Blunt Lit Properly
Glass blunts are convenient compared to rolling your herbs in paper because it can act as a storage unit. You can pack it, light it up, take out the cherry, and store it for next use. It’s also easy to use and highly portable. However, some find it a challenge to keep a glass blunt maintain its cherry.

Why is my glass blunt dying out?

The main component to keep a fire going is not the fuel. It’s oxygen. You can douse your coals wood with gas, but it won’t stay lit if you cut out oxygen from them. A rolled cigar or herb continues to stay lit because it has a steady supply of oxygen due to its exposure. That is not so with a glass blunt. Glass is not combustible like paper, and it’s also not permeable. It cuts out oxygen from your herb, causing the fire to die out. No matter how much herb you pack inside the blunt, as long as it’s not getting air, it won’t stay lit.

How to keep the cherry going

Keeping that oxygen principle in mind, you can keep your glass blunt lit in two different ways.

Don’t cram your herbs

Your blunt can only hold as much herb depending on its size and design. You may be thinking it’s far more convenient to cram as much herb as you can inside the blunt. Unfortunately, my friend, that is not true. Densely packing a blunt can restrict the flow of air inside the blunt. There should be enough space between the herbs to allow air to flow through.

If your glass blunt is not staying cherried, ash it and check the chamber. If it’s densely packed, take out the herb and repack it again. Don’t pack all of the herb as you did previously. Leave out a few micro grams so that you don't over pack it again.

Once you got the technique of packing a glass blunt, you will have fewer problems with the cherry dying out.

Push out the ash

A glass blunt is not like your rolled cigar that you can tap to remove the ash. You need to either push the slide forward or twist the screw to push the ash out. Take a couple of hits from your glass blunt to help the cherry travel inside. Once the ash is about 2-3mm thick, push it out so that the cherry will continue to burn. Don’t push out the herb too much or you’ll be tapping out the burning herb along with the ash.

Using a glass blunt may have a bit of a learning curve, especially if you are used to smoking pipes and cigars. However, it’s a great way to enjoy your herb on the go once you get the hang of it.

Try our tips and see how your glass blunt performs. Do you have other special ways to keep a glass blunt lit? Please share it with us at the comment section!



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  • I purchased a glass blunt from Amazon a few days ago and when it came I did all the steps I was supposed to, to be able to use it and for some reason every time I light it up it won’t stay lit it just turns into a shoes without smoke coming out.

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