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Top 5 Best Hand Pipes of 2020

Handheld Pipes
Top 5 Best Hand Pipes of 2020
When you're looking for the best hand pipes in 2020, you should look for these important characteristics:

  • Portability – size matters. It should be easily carried around in your pocket or clutch bag without taking too much space.

  • Style and discreetness – a hand pipe that looks cool, matches your style, and you can easily tuck away at a whim is awesome.

  • Reliability – Material should be thick and durable, easy to clean, and won't easily clog.

  • Functionality – hits are smooth, and you can taste the flavor of your herbs.

  • Convenience – low learning curve, straightforward, and quick to light up at a moment's notice.

The Best Hand Pipes of 2020

Below is the list of our top picks of hand pipes that you should try out.

GRAV Labs Helix Chillum

The Helix Chillum is on our list of the best hand pipes of 2020 because it's one of the most innovative among hand pipes. Instead of using water for cooling and filtration, the pipe utilizes the spinning power of air. The Venturi chamber, together with three micro slits, spins the smoke around in a tornado. Debris is pushed against the inner walls, and smoke mixes with air. The result is a lighter smoke density that hits hard yet easy on the lungs.

The  GRAV Labs Helix Chillum is so small and discreet, you can easily tuck it away in your pocket. It's a quick-hitter that may have a bit of a learning curve compared to other pipes. However, once you master it, you'll experience a smooth, smoking experience that's is more than just for show.

Empire Glass Works Great Barrier Reef Spoon Pipe

Admire the wonders of the sea in this bejeweled Great Barrier Reef Spoon Pipe. The skill of glass artisans shines through in the reef design featuring clownfish, sea anemones, jellyfish, and corals. The deep push bowl has enough capacity for a good, satisfying session. The piece is made with thick, durable, high-quality glass, allowing you to use this pipe for years of enjoyable smoking sessions.

Each piece is individually hand-crafted, from the colors used down to the fine artistic detail. No two pieces are exactly the same, and what you're getting is distinctly one of a kind.

Mendo Pipe

This pipe comes from the creators of the famous Proto Pipe. It's an all-American brass pipe complete with brass components. The top clip keeps your herb in the pipe, allowing you to store a load or keep the ash until you find a good place to dispose of it. It's got a brushed finish to reduce scratches with an easy-open bottom to make cleaning a breeze.

It's the ideal pipe for tinkers with its complete tool kit. It has a storage pod that's enough for 5 bowl refills. The pod can also double as a roll holder when you prefer to smoke pre-rolls instead. You have a stir and cleaning poker to keep your sessions smooth and clog-free. When you're done smoking, just flip the tar chamber cover, and you can get all that tough resin out!

The Bubbler by Jane West

Stylish and chic, The Bubbler is a collaboration between GRAV Labs and Jane West. It's made using only the finest, and highest-quality borosilicate glass that's heat resistant, thick, and durable. You'll instantly feel a connection with the smoking piece once you try it.

The Bubbler is 5" tall and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. The ergonomic design allows you to hold the pipe and position your thumb on the carb without any strain. It's an ideal pipe for relaxing as well as socializing. The bent neck makes it easy for you to take rips comfortably in a relaxed, natural position.

Cali Crusher Hydra

Cali Crusher aims to give you a complete smoking experience. Aside from their renowned grinders, they also have the notorious Hydra. It's a 3-in-1 modular smoking device that has a bubbler, spoon pipe, and one-hitter. It has a patented Quicklock technology that keeps all the parts secure yet easy to disassemble whenever you need it.

The body is made from aircraft-grade aluminum featuring a polycarbonate window for easy water level checks. It's one of the best hand pipes of 2020 because it's a highly durable pipe that you can take with you on hikes, concerts, and road trips.

Still looking for that perfect hand pipe at an affordable price? Check out our hand-picked collection of durable, functional, and stylish hand pipes. Click here now and shop at your convenience and leisure!

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