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What's the Best Pipe for a Beginner?

Handheld Pipes
What's the Best Pipe for a Beginner?
Are you new to smoking? Do you want to buy your first smoking pipe but don’t know which one to get? We’ll tell you the best pipe for a beginner so that you don’t feel as if you’ve wasted your money

Hand pipes

Glow-in-the-Dark Fumed Boro Glass Spoon Pipe 4.5 inch

Hand pipes are perfect because they don’t occupy much space. You can hold it comfortably in your hand, and you can take it with you almost anywhere.  Depending on the design, they are also affordable and easy to get. One particular glass pipe is this Evil Devil Horns spoon pipe. It’s made of thick boro glass that won’t easily break. It’s also 5.75” long, an ideal length to help you cool down smoke without causing much drag.

The size of the bowl is also perfect for a decent hit. It won’t give you overwhelming hits that will have you swear off smoking altogether. It may be mean-looking, but its functionality is just right for a beginner.

If you want something that has more class and style, then a Sherlock pipe should be just the thing. This Fumed Boro Glass Sherlock pipe may be a bit slender, but the length is more than enough for a cool smoke. The narrow smoke path also prevents you from getting too much smoke from the pipe.


Bubblers are larger than a hand pipe but are smaller than bongs. Some find hitting dry pipes dry and a bit too strong, which makes water filtration a good alternative. What’s good about bubblers is that they don’t need too much water and are easier to maintain.

One such sample of a bubbler is the Snoop Dogg Pounds Hammer Bubbler. At 5.75”, this bubbler is made to last for years. It’s got an angled bottom to keep it steady on the table and has a good-sized chamber for both water and smoke. The fixed diffuser downstem allows the smoke to separate inside the pipe. This helps lower smoke temperature and cleans your smoke from combustion byproducts.

You can also get a Silicone-Glass Hybrid Bubbler from Ooze. Since part of the body’s made up of silicone,  you don’t have to worry too much about breakage. What’s more, you can convert this bubbler into a dab rig should you wish to experience the taste and feel of concentrates.

MJ Arsenal Boro Glass 14mm Female Mini Beaker Bong 7 inch Bongs with ice pinchers like the MJ Arsenal Cache


Next, let’s not discount bongs in the equation. These water pipes are popular for both beginners and smoking enthusiasts because of their functionality and capacity.  What we can recommend is that you start from a mid-sized bong. Mini bongs can be too strong and harsh, while tall bongs can prove to be too much for a beginner.

Since you’re still new with hitting a bong, you may have a problem with splashback. Some bongs have less splashback compared to others, and one of them is this Boro Glass Disc Perc Bent Neck Bong. It’s got a bent neck as well as a splash guard to keep you from getting bong water with your hits. The 14mm female joint gives you the right pull that is not too hard and not too fast.

If you want something that’s will give you cooler smoke, we recommend the Grav Labs Round Beaker Bong.  At 8” tall, it’s got the right size for a good rip. The ergonomic ice catcher lets you add in ice for a cooler hit without having to sacrifice flavor.

You can also get one-hitters or chillums, but they can be tougher form some because of the short size. Although they’re called one-hitters for a reason, the short smoke path is not enough to cool down smoke for virgin throats. Although some will tell you to get steamrollers, this one you have to use with extreme caution. There are steamrollers that can hit harder than a bong and can deliver face-melting effects.

Why glass pipes?

Notice that we mostly recommend glass pipes? That’s because glass is inert and won’t react with smoke. They will give you the best flavor of your herbs, giving you that pure, unembellished smoking experience. Glass doesn’t absorb too much heat as well for a smoother session.

Click here now and browse through our collection. If you want to know if the pipe you’re looking for is ideal for a beginner, ask us in the comment section below!

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