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7 Tips for Smoking On a Budget

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7 Tips for Smoking On a Budget
Many of us smokers have experienced this horror once in a while: you open your jar of herbs, and you see only a few nugs left. You open your wallet only to realize that you can only spare a small extra, and payday is more than a week away. Here are our tips for smoking on a budget so that you can stretch your stash and your cash.

Guard your joint

Joints are great and offer a good solid flavor when you smoke. However, they can burn out easily and can get soaked. If you’re a joint lover, make sure that you guard it against a heavy wind. The cherry is going to eat your herbs, and soon you’ll be left with ashes and a filter.

Pulsar Borosilicate Glass Blunt 4″

Get a 4-piece grinder

Grinders are great smoking tools that not only make it easy for you to load your joints and bowls. The consistent, fluffy grind that they give helps you enjoy the full flavor of your herbs without any wastage. What’s even better? A 4-piece grinder like this Sharpstone 4pc Solid Top Grinder. It comes with a pollen collector that will help you gather a good amount of pollen that will back you up when you need to extend your stash.

Go for a glass blunt

Whether you’re using a 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt or a Pulsar Blunt Slider, they both have one thing in common. They don’t burn continuously as do paper blunts because they’re fire retardant. Unless you push out the herb and tap out the ash, your cherry will burn out because of the lack of oxygen. This way, you won’t be burning your herbs to thin air while you’re chatting with your friend.

Use a snap bowl

Regular herb slides are great for big hits, but they consume a lot of herbs a snap bowl is good for small, measured hits, helping you extend your stash longer. It’s a great option to choose, especially if you’re micro-dosing

Smoking on a budget equals the right herbs

Different herbs offer different smoking experiences, depending on their strain. Some are good to use to get that burst of creativity going and boost your productivity. Your mind stays clear and sharp, and you’re surprisingly focused on your task. Some provide a more physical type of experience that can help you relax and nod it off.

You can ask a knowledgeable staff to help you choose the right herb for you so you can get the right choice. You can also browse on the net to get more information on what strain will provide the effect that you’re after.

Choose quality over quantity

There’s always this irritating saying among consumers because it holds true most of the time: you get what you pay for. That’s exactly true when it comes to smoking herbs, especially when you’re using a highly efficient bong such as this handy Mini Cache Beaker Bong from MJ Arsenal. You’ll be able to taste every nuance of the flavor of your herb and feel its effects.

That being said, a poor-quality herb won’t give that satisfying taste, and you’ll need to smoke twice as much because of the weak potency. It’s better that you spend more on top-shelf herbs that will provide solid gratification and deep potency. You'll be smoking on a budget because you don't need to smoke too often.

Smoke at the right time

Once you’re familiar with your herb, you should consume it at the right time. For example, you should smoke herbs that enhance your focus during the daytime. When the day is over, and you’re already home preparing to end the day, that’s the time that you can herbs that will ease out the stress from your body.

Don’t smoke daytime strains when it’s time for you to sleep because you’ll have a hard time sleeping. Avoid smoking strains that will make you sleepy during the day, especially when you need to operate heavy machinery.

Smoking on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice a lot. With careful planning and a little know-how, you’ll be able to use your favorite smoking device without having to spend too much. What’s your favorite budget tip for smokers? Please do share it in our comment section!

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