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Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Smoking You Should Have

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Top 5 Cool Gadgets for Smoking You Should Have
Smokers have come a long way, and there are modern tools that can help make your session enjoyable and efficient. We’ve listed 5 cool gadgets for smoking that will make you look forward to your next session.

Smokebuddy Odor Eliminator

Do you live in a dormitory or with people who can’t stand the smell of smoke? Is your condo building built with smoke alarms so you can’t smoke at your leisure? You can get the Smoke Buddy Odor Eliminator to lessen the smell of second-hand smoke.

The Smokebuddy Odor Eliminator is a handy 5-inch smoke filter. It looks like a water bottle but has a carbon filtration system that effectively absorbs and eliminates the smell of smoke. To use it, you just need to take out the caps from both ends to expose the filter. Take your hit like you normally do with your bong and place the intake end around your lips. Exhale as you normally would, and the Smoke Buddy will do the rest for you.

The Smokebuddy Odor Eliminator comes in different sizes. The Original It works wonderfully with bong rips and vapes, but it may be hard to use with cigarettes and joints. The Jr. Size is for traveling and mostly suitable for vaping. If you’re a heavy user, there’s the Smokebuddy MEGA that can last you for months and maybe even years.

Some do find that if you rip out too hard, too fast, you’ll be forcing the smoke out on the other end, and it won’t filter. If you want your Smokebuddy to last longer, some recommend putting dryer sheets to help with the filtration.

Plasmatic X Lighter

It’s on our list of our cool gadgets for smoking because of two things. One is that you get a cool plasma x display that’s a real head-turner aside from being hot and efficient. Another is that it’s windproof. You can light your joints, blunts, and pre-rolls on a windy day, and you don’t have to guard it against the wind.

It will emit a high-pitch sound, much like an electric current. It won’t work for bongs or bubblers, but you can use it to light your wick.

Phoenician Rolling Tray

Keep things organized whenever you do your sesh. It’s made with solid, durable aluminum that stays in place as you prep. It’s built to last long and will make a happy kid out of every smoker.

The Phoenician Rolling tray comes with three different-sized paper holders, dab tool keepers, and a holder for your herb slides. See that colosseum-looking part? It’s to keep your Phoenician grinder in place for one-hand operation. It can hold small, medium, and large grinders of any brand as well.

cool gadgets for smoking pre-rollsLean Green Wizard

Ever wish that you can make a perfectly pre-rolled cone? It’s stressful to see dents, bends, and bumps after spending all that effort. You can now say goodbye to crooked cones and joints with the Lean Green Wizard.

It’s a simple, easy-to-use smoking tool crafted from durable, light-weight plastic. The first thing you need to do is grind your herbs with the included grinder or use a Sharpstone 4pc Solid Top Grinder. Shoot the pre-rolled cone in the stand. One side is for a 1 1/4” cone, the other for king-sized cones. Place the top with the funnel going through the cone and place your ground herbs in it. Use the want to push the herbs to the funnel, and you’ve got yourself a loaded cone.

Stashlogix GoStash

Ever wish that you have a bag that will keep all your cool gadgets for smoking without worrying about spilling and smells? Then you’re going to love the Stashlogix GoStash. It’s an odor control bag that has all the features that every smoker wants in a carry bag. The adjustable dividers and mesh pockets help you keep all your smoking needs tidy and organized.

One thing that you’ll notice is the 3-digit combination lock that will keep your stash locked in and secure. No one will get into your bag easily, and it’s kid-proof too! It also got the OdorPax, which is a replaceable odor absorption packets that have activated bamboo charcoal in a nylon pouch.  It may not be odor-proof, but it will help you control the smell of your stash better compared to an ordinary carry case.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us more about it in our comment section! Click here now for other smoking gadgets like bongs, cool handheld pipes, bubblers, and grinders!

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