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What‘s The Difference Between Glass vs. Silicone Spoon Pipes?

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What‘s The Difference Between Glass vs. Silicone Spoon Pipes?
Choosing between glass vs silicone spoon pipes needs careful attention now compared in the early years of the smoking industry. Companies made several improvements that both have their pros and cons that make them better above the other in different ways. We’ll compare the differences between the two to help you make the best decision when you buy hand pipes online.


Glass is notorious for breaking, and many companies made their glass spoons as thick as possible. If you take a look at our Red Paint Splatter Fritted Glass Spoon Pipe, you’ll see that it’s made from beautiful, thick glass. It will not break easily, but it will still sustain damage if dropped hard or pressed on with strong force.

Glass pipes

Silicone spoon pipes are durable. You can drop it, smash it against the wall, or pack it in your luggage with no care in the world. Save for the glass bowl insert, your silicone spoon will keep its shape and remain intact. It’s one of the reasons why silicone spoons are loved by adventurous individuals or clumsy smokers who’ve broken more than their share of glass spoon pipes.


What’s awesome about glass is their vibrancy, brilliance, transparency, and shine. Glassblowers can showcase their skills by creating beautiful spoons that have different themes and shapes. Take for example our Empire Glassworks Koi Fish Pond Spoon Pipe. With a playful koi peeking at you as you smoke, smoking this pipe will always be fun and enjoyable.

For silicone spoons, they can be molded and shaped to almost any form imaginable. Have a look at our Fish Bone Skeleton Spoon Hand Pipe. It’s slim, and you can wiggle and wag it without worries of snapping or breaking. The only difference is that silicone is opaque and won’t give you the same classy sheen as glass.

Ease of use

There’s almost no difference between glass vs silicone spoon pipes in terms of use. Because of the improvements in the design for both material, both go neck and neck when it comes to performance.

Smoking a good silicone spoon pipe


Glass is easier to clean compared to silicone. You can use almost any scrubbing material when it gets dirty, and it will still be as good as new. Silicone, on the other hand, can’t afford to get scratched. You need to modify your cleaning method with silicone to protect its surface and keep the colors bright and solid.

However, some find success in freezing their silicone spoon pipe for cleaning. It takes some trial and error to get it right, but that is something you cannot do with glass. Silicone spoons can last long, provided that you clean it regularly and accurately with the right cleaner.

Flavor and smoking quality

Glass provides the best flavor overall because of its inert nature. No matter how often you smoke it, no matter how long you use it, as long as it’s clean, you’ll taste your herbs perfectly. As for silicone, you have to make sure that the material is platinum cured and of the highest grad like the EYCE Silicone Spoon Pipe. Some cheap silicone pipes emit a plastic flavor that will ruin your smoking session. If you want to buy a silicone spoon online, it’s best that you get one from a reputable vendor. This will make sure that you have the best product that will give you the best smoking experience.


Glass spoon pipes, because of the nature of the material and how it’s made can range from $2.99-$119 depending on the style and quality. Empire Glassworks, GRAV, and other intricately designed spoons are more expensive compared to simple spoons like the Yellow & White Stripe Fritted Mini Glass Spoon Pipe.

Silicone spoons can go anywhere between $7.99-$29.99 in online smoke shops. EYCE tops other brands for affordable and durable silicone spoons that provide fantastic functionality. You won’t get one as affordable as glass spoon pipes, but it’s also rare for you to see one that is as expensive.

Which one is better? That’s going to be hard to weigh between because both have unique features that set them above the other. If you want something stylish, go for the glass spoon. For someone who’s sporty, has an active lifestyle, and more on the clumsy side, the silicone spoon is fantastic. Matching your needs and smoking habits with the spoon will help you choose the best material for your spoon pipe.


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