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Incredibowl: One of the Most Versatile Pipes

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Incredibowl: One of the Most Versatile Pipes
The Incredibowl Industries, LLC, started in March 2009 and is located in Boulder, Colorado. What they wanted was to provide a smoking device that is a fusion of outside-the-box creativity cutting edge technology. The result is a 19-time award-winning smoking system that’s virtually indestructible, easy to clean, and smokes like a charm.


All of the parts of the pipe are durable save for the glass bowl. The BowlArmor is a combination of aircraft aluminum and silicone that’s sturdy enough to protect the glass insert. The expansion chamber is made of tough polycarbonate material that’s heat and pressure-resistant. It’s one rugged piece of smoking pipe that gives you the flavor and experience similar to hitting a glass piece.

Design of the Incredibowl

This pipe is made to ensure that you have a good, solid companion for smoking when you’re on the go. It’s essentially a steamroller that has a rugged design and some extra features for convenient and fast smoking. If you’re a first-time smoker and wish to use a steamroller type of pipe, this is the perfect pipe for you.

The secret of the Incredibowl’s massive yet cool hits lies in the carb system. When you pull out the bowl, smoke goes through the smoke injection nozzle. When you pull in, you create a vacuum that draws the smoke from the bowl. The smoke cools down as it collects in the polycarbonate expansion chamber. When you pull the Bowl Armor away, you expose the 9-hole annular purge carb, resulting in a venturi effect that speeds the travel of air. Clearing the smoke becomes effortless, and you’ll experience one of the smoothest, coolest hits that’s full of flavor. You have the effects of a steamroller with the laidback

This pipe comes in two forms, with the Incredibwol i420 is the first of the series and the largest. It’s 7.5” long and 1.5” in diameter and almost the size of a decent bong, only it doesn’t have a water chamber. Now, what you want from a hand pipe is portability, and the makers heard the demands of their loyal consumers.

Next came the Incredibowl m420, which is 5” long and 1” wide. With its durable materials, it’s a portable steamroller come true. Take out the expansion chamber, and you can attach the pipe to a bong. Instead of taking out the bowl, all you have to do is lift the BowlArmor, and you can clear the bong easily.

How to use the Incredibowl pipe

Using the pipe is almost the same as using a chillum, glass blunt, with some minor changes during use.

  1. Grind your herbs with your preferred grinder.

  2. You can take out the glass bowl from the BowlArmor then use it to scoop the herbs from the grinder. Once done, just push the glass bowl inside the insert. Alternatively, you can pack the herbs while the bowl is still attached.

  3. Pull through the mouthpiece of the expansion chamber and light your herbs.

  4. Once you’ve filled the chamber to your desired smoke density, pull the BowlArmor away from the chamber to clear the smoke.

  5. Let go of the pipe and keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds

  6. Exhale and repeat.

Cleaning the pipe

Cleaning the Incredibowl is easy. You can soak the BowlArmor, Smoke Injection Nozzle, and the borosilicate bowl in iso. For tough stains, use a soft-bristled brush to take them out. The Annular Purge Carb just needs a good soak and rinse as regular maintenance.

You can clean the Expansion Chamber by wiping it with cloth and iso to get out the gunk. The polycarbonate material is highly durable, but that doesn’t mean it’s scratch resistant. Don’t use abrasives or brushes to keep it smooth.

The screens can be soaked along with the Smoke Injection Nozzle, while o-Rings should only be rinsed with alcohol.

The word on the Incredibowl

This pipe is simple to use and easy to clean. Although it’s a steamroller, you don’t get that harsh, cough-inducing smoke that you normally would on traditional ones. If you have a problem with silicone or latex, you may have some issues because of the silicone parts. Still, it’s one of the easiest pipes to use. It looks complicated, but you have a very little learning curve to deal with.

It is expensive compared to other steamrollers. If you’re looking for a more affordable pipe that you can use at home, we’ve got you covered. Click here now, and we’ll send you your steamroller straight to your address!

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