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Ooze Cryo Pipe Review: A Cool Way to Smoke

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Ooze Cryo Pipe Review: A Cool Way to Smoke
Do you love smoking a pipe but find the smoke too hot? You tried using a bong, but the flavor is too “watered down” for your liking. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a pipe that can cool down smoke but still keep the flavor? Ooze heard your cries and created the Ooze Cryo Pipe. Let’s talk more about this handheld smoking device and see how it cools down your hits.

What is the Ooze Cryo Pipe?

This pipe redefined the meaning of chillin’ out while you smoke. It’s a hand-blown pipe made from durable borosilicate glass. Looking at the pipe design, it kind of looks like Eve, the white robot in Wall-E. The round head has a deep push bowl as well as a conveniently placed carb hole at the left. The flat mouthpiece at the end fits perfectly in your mouth for airtight and enjoyable draws.

The Ooze Cryo Spoon Pipe

However, the chilling secret is in the tubular body. There’s a twisting coil inside that connects the bowl to the mouthpiece. Although the pipe is 4” long, the coil elongates the smoke path to cool down the smoke. This coil is submerged in liquid glycerin, which comes in three different eye-catching colors.

The goal here is to cool down your smoke without your smoke touching water.  You get all the bold flavors and essence of your herbs in full force, minus the heat.

How does the Cryo Pipe work?

When you place the pipe in the freezer, the liquid glycerin can cool down to temperatures colder than your ice cube. When you light the bowl, smoke travels through the winding pipe that twists and turns through the cold glycerin. The twisting and winding aid the heat transfer from the smoke to the cold glycerin. It’s as if it’s being stirred inside the chamber but not necessarily diffusing through the glycerin.

The result is a cool smoke that is pure in flavor yet easy on the throat. No flavor is lost, yet the hits are easy to take. It’s the perfect pipe for beginners, and for those who need a cooler smoke for lesser throat irritation.

How do you use the Ooze Cryo pipe?

Using this pipe is as easy. It’s just like using a regular pipe with a bit of preparation to take full advantage of its features.

  1. Place the pipe in the freezer for 1 hour.

  2. Take the pipe out and let it stand in room temperature for several seconds or a minute for the bowl to adjust.

  3. Pack your herbs lightly in the bowl and tamp it down gently to keep it from falling off.

  4. Hold the pipe using your non-dominant hand. Draw from the pipe as you use the lighter to fire up your herbs.

  5. Continue to draw until you got a good cherry going and turn off the lighter.

  6. Once you got your fill, release the pipe and enjoy the smoke.

What makes the Ooze Cryo Pipe different?

You’ll see other glycerin-filled pipes that are longer and bigger compared to the Ooze Cryo Pipe. Not only are they heavy, they also lack the portability that the Ooze gave to this awesome spoon pipe. You can carry it in your pocket and keep it discreetly in your hand as you smoke. What’s more, you don’t have to wait for it to cool down before you store it. Just clean it afterward, store it away, and it won’t burn your jacket pocket.

However, you don’t have to pop it in the freezer to use it. You can still the Ooze Cryo Spoon Pipe as if you’re in a hurry. Of course, that defeats the purpose of the glycerin gel, but there are times when you just gotta smoke.

Get smooth, cool hits without the spills. There’s No need to worry about the water level and getting your smoked filtered. This is one smoking device that will transform the way you enjoy your herbs. It’s compact, not too heavy, fits just right in your hand. The thick borosilicate glass ensures that the Ooze Cryo Pipe can withstand the change in temperature. For the best experience, and if you’re concerned about the bowl, using a wick to concentrate the flame no the herbs will be effective.

Have you tried the Ooze Cryo Pipe? Please share your experience in our comment section below!

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