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Pink Steamroller Pipe: Pretty and Functional Pipes

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Pink Steamroller Pipe: Pretty and Functional Pipes
A pink steamroller pipe can be a fun pipe to have. It's a perfect gift to a lovely smoker and can be a representation of power and femininity. We've selected several steamrollers that will give you that punchy hit for those who are after a strong sesh.

Little Pink Steamroller

Cute and stylish, this is a great steamroller that you can easily store in your bag, pocket, purse, or drawer. It's hand-blown using very thick, solid glass that's created to last you for years. As with all hand-blown products, you'll get a slight variation on your pipe compared to what you see.

It looks more like a delicious slab of candy at first glance. At 3.5" in length, and has a deep push bowl for a good hit. Just like a standard steamroller pipe, the carb hole is at the tip, making it easy for both left and right-handed smokers to control their draws. Using it is fun, easy, and convenient when you're always on the go.

Chameleon Flower Power Steamroller Glass Pipe

Nothing screams out to a feminine goddess like this Flower Power Steamroller from Chameleon Glass. The elegance of the design makes it a perfect gift for a queen who deserves to be spoiled. The pink steamroller pipe has delicate adornments of flowers with playful swirls of reds and greens.

The steamroller pipe is made in Arizona and 5" in length, an ode to the original flower power generation. With its 1.25" diameter, it's a steamroller fitting for those who want strong, powerful hits. As an added bonus, this pipe glows in the dark for a more visual experience for your sesh.

Glasscity Pink Glass Steamroller Pipe with Rasta Stripe

When some steamrollers come in cylinders, this Pink Glass Steamroller Pipe by Glasscity provided stability with flattened edges. Handmade with skill and precision using borosilicate glass, the pipe features rasta-themed stripes of red, yellow, and green.

The pink steamroller pipe is 3" in length and has a deep push bowl for satisfying sessions. The bowl does have a big hole, calling out the need for a screen to prevent unwanted ash and herb crumbs. It's an affordable pipe that you can proudly and discreetly take with you anywhere.

GRAV Pink Steamroller

Brilliant and pink, this is another classy and functional steamroller that will easily become your favorite. It's got a frosted GRAV decal as its only adornment, adding to its simple and stylish elegance.

IT's roughly 7" long and 1" in diameter, almost big enough to rival a mini bong. The added feet keep the steamroller stable on the table as you rest in between sesh or prepare your herbs. What you'll love about this steamroller is the ash-catching mouthpiece that funnels into the pipe. You can pack your herbs without bothering to add pipe screens to keep the ash from your hits.

Diamond Glass Mini Steamroller

This handy steamroller from Diamond Glass is available in different colors, but we love the pink hue in this one. It's made with high-quality boro glass that has a good feel to it, but not too heavy.

It's 5" long and has a good, open bowl for easy hits without worries on draw restriction and clogging. When you take a hit, the flavors of your herbs shine through. With an affordable price tag, it's one of the steamrollers that you won't regret adding to your collection.

Aqua Works Glass Silicone Steamroller

Butterfingers need not worry about missing out on the fun. Aqua Works Glass created a traditional style steamroller using durable silicone and titanium materials.

The pipe comes in two sizes. There's the 8" one for those who want it strong and big, while the 6" is for those who prefer a bit of portability. The silicone and neck chamber lessens your worry about breaking the piece when you drop it or bring it with you when you travel.

These pipe sare more than just for display. They are fully functional and provide a satisfying smoking experience for people who can't get enough pink in their lives.

We may not have the pink ones that you're looking for, but we have other steamrollers that are as fun to use. Click here now, and we'll send your pipe to your home!

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