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The Best Secret Pipe Collection For Discreet Smoking

Handheld Pipes
The Best Secret Pipe Collection For Discreet Smoking
You’re juggling one task left and right that you don’t have time for a good smoke. However, if you need your herbs, a quick, discreet sesh is better than none. If you’re looking for the perfect secret pipe to work with your crazy timeline, have a look at our list right here.

The Impersonator

Whether you’re a writer or someone who loves pens for some odd reason, you’ll get a kick out of this one. The Impersonator is as stealthy and deceiving as it looks. It’s a pipe disguised as a pen yet can still hit you like a thick novel.

This 3.6” chillum by Sleek-USA is made with durable borosilicate glass and has a protective cap to shield the glass bowl. You can drop it at 4 feet, and it’s still good to go. Yet, being glass, you need to inspect it for chips and breaks after a drop before you use it.  An added feature is its anti-bacterial grip that can help get a good hold and keep things sanitized.

To use, just pack the glass tip as you wild with a regular chillum. Pull from the opposite end as you light up the tip, and enjoy your herbs. Cleaning is easy and should be done after 3-4 uses. Just dunk it in iso for no more than an hour and run a pipe cleaner through it.

Car Key Fob Secret Hand Pipe

What’s the next everyday accessory that you’ll expect almost everyone to carry around? A remote car key fob. This ingenious design allows you to bring your pipe almost everywhere on plain sight, and no one will notice. The construction is a mix of metal and plastic, giving you the peace of mind that it won’t break or bend no matter how high you drop it. Just make sure that you know the difference between your regular car key Fob or you’ll be rushing back to get the real one.

The Car Key Fob pipe is 3” long. The exterior acts both as a camouflage and a protector for the pipe which you slide out. Pack your herbs on the bowl, then light it up as you pull from the mouthpiece. The metal bowl is good enough for a good hit or two, and you can easily tuck it away when you’re done.

Cleaning can be an issue, so make sure to do your maintenance after each use. You can use a micro-pipe cleaner to clean inside the pipe so that you’ll get a clean flavor of your herbs in the next session.

Donut Keychain Pipe

Keep the attention away from your pipe and enjoy your smoke in private with this Donut Keychain Pipe. It’s a great stealth pipe to give to someone who likes sweets, love trinkets, or just into cute little things you can carry around.

The pipe is 2.5” in size and is made with high-grade silicone and has a borosilicate glass bowl. Don’t worry, the silicone body provides enough protection for the bowl. The design is perfect, and the material is dependable, especially for those who travel around.

As a chillum, this pipe is perfect for a quick, discreet hit. It hits smooth, and you can take the parts apart for easy cleaning. It even has a carb that will help you control your hits. Just pack the bowl and draw through the mouthpiece while playing with the carb as you go.

Empire Glassworks Baguette Bread Loaf Spoon Hand Pipe 3.5 inchEmpire Glassworks Baguette Bread Loaf Spoon Hand Pipe

One of the things that you need to check out on a secret pipe is the ease of how easy it is to stow away. Empire Glassworks not only make functional pipes but provide different designs that mimic real-life items. This Baguette Loaf Spoon hand pipe looks more like a decoration on a bakery than anything else.

The pipe is 3.5” long and handcrafted using only the finest durable boro glass. The size is perfect for easy concealment in your hand, as well as in your pocket. The shape makes it comfortable to hold, and using it is also easy. Just load the bowl, and you’re good to go.

Since it’s made of boro glass, cleaning is also easy. Just soak it in iso alcohol and shake it to take all the residue out. A micro pipe cleaner will be good enough to clean inside the pipe.

A secret pipe will be your lifesaver when you want to have something handy for a quick, instant smoke. If you need other pipes, check out our hand pipes collection! We have metal, stone, and glass hand pipes that are best suited for your smoking needs. Click here now, and we’ll send the pipe straight to your address!


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