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The Shire Pipes: Classy Wooden Pipes With Warmth and Style

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The Shire Pipes: Classy Wooden Pipes With Warmth and Style
There are many wooden pipes available in online headshops. You got the cool Sherlock pipe that makes you look and feel like you’re about to solve a mystery. There are also long churchwarden pipes that can go almost as long as your arm. Shire Pipes created a line of

What is a shire pipe?

Shire Pipes created a series of beautifully handcrafted pipes made from authentic, high-quality wood. The pipes come in different shapes and sizes. You also have the choice of different types of wood that will enhance your smoking.

light cherry rosewood traditional tobacco shire pipe 5.25 inchLight Cherry Rosewood Traditional Tobacco Shire Pipe 5.25″

Some don’t like the idea of smoking out of wood because of the earthy flavor it gives. However, Shire Pipes chose the best wood that will complement the taste and smell of your herbs. Take for example this Light Cherry Rosewood Traditional Tobacco Shire Pipe. It’s made from top-quality rosewood and has a light, shiny finish that features the natural wood grain. It’s got a tomato-style design that has a wide girth for the perfect hold.

Do you love reading books, newspapers, or browsing through your iPad? This pipe is ideal for you, then! It’s got the right length for a cool, flavorful smoke without the bowl blocking your view. The flat stem and slightly flared mouthpiece is also a good feature to have for those who love to clench their pipe between their teeth.

Cherry Wood Engraved Traditional Tobacco Shire Pipe 5.5″

Do you want something more elegant and classy? Then how about this Engraved Shire Pipe? It’s got a classic bent brandy shape that many smokers love. The bowl has an intricate engraving that gives it a sophisticated look, making it an ideal pipe for go-getters and executives.

Another great feature is the replaceable carbon filter. You don’t have to think about moisture, ash, tar, and other combustion by-products that can affect your smoking experience. Moisturized smoke is okay if it comes from a bong or a bubbler. However, if you’re getting it from a dry pipe, it comes out as steam which results to a smoker’s tongue burn. Not a good experience and that can affect your taste buds in the long run.

How to smoke a shire pipe

Smoking a Shire Pipe may seem like you’ve got to do some kind of ceremony to get started. No one can u because these pipes are beautifully made. However, using it is easy, and we’ll teach you how!

  1. Make a pull test to check if you’ve got any clog in the system.

  2. Take a bunch of ground herbs with the tips of your fingers, then fill up the bowl about a quarter full. Tap the side of the bowl to even out the herb inside. Tamp it down a bit, then fill it up 3/4’s of the way. Tap the sides and tamp it down a bit more firmly, then add another layer of herbs until you’ve got a mound of almost a half-inch high over the rim of the bowl. Tap the sides, and tamp the herbs until they settle under the rim.

  3. Take a pull test, and it should be as smooth as pulling from a soda straw.

  4. Place the mouthpiece inside your lips and draw. Light up the lighter and hover the flame over the herbs. Let the flame touch the herbs by drawing hard repeatedly. Rotate the flame around the bowl to get an even burn. Once you get a good char, tamp the tobacco down again. Repeat again twice to get a nice charred layer.

  5. Once you get that layer, light up the herb as you draw in slowly. Keep going until you got a good cherry.

  6. Clamp the mouthpiece inside your mouth, and do a breathing sip until you got the good smoke effect. Rest, tamp down the ash gently, and repeat.

Are Shire Pipes Functional?

Yes, they are! It’s one of the wooden pipes that will give you a relaxing smoking session. Using it gives off that kind of meditative vibe that makes you feel connected and grounded. Since it’s made of wood, you get this earthy flavor that complements and enhances the flavor of your smoke.

Want to have your own Shire pipe? Click here now and check out our collection and enjoy looking at our wooden Shire Pipes. You have a choice of pipes with short, thick stems or long, slender ones for your smoking pleasure.

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