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Steamroller vs Spoon Pipe: Which is Better?

Handheld Pipes
Steamroller vs Spoon Pipe: Which is Better?
Dry pipes come in many forms, and many smokers often have steamroller vs spoon pipe questions. We’ve created this post to help you see the difference and see which one will be ideal for your smoking style and demands.

Style and design

A steamroller has a more scientific approach to designs. You can usually get them as long straight tubes with a carb hole at the front. The bowl can be pressed through the pipe, or placed on top like what you typically see in old steamroller locomotives. There are some, though, that have interesting designs. You’ll get one that’s shaped like a cactus or an ice cube, and GRAV also made one that’s encased in a silicone sleeve for better protection.

Spoons have better freedom when it comes to creativity. Have a look at what Empire Glassworks did with this Spam Musubi Spoon Hand Pipe as well as the Lily Flower Spoon Hand Pipe. The designs are very imaginative and will make you think twice if it’s a pipe or not.

The length of a steamroller

Size and portability

A steamroller can be as short as 4.5” like our GRAV Mini Steamroller. However, it can go as long as 18” like this Massive GRAV Labs Steamroller. For the daring ones, you can get a steamroller that has almost the same diameter as that of a decent bong. Your steamroller’s portability will also depend on where you’ll find the bowl. For worry-free traveling, you should get the one that has a pressed bowl instead of the protruding one.

Spoons, on the other hand, can be really portable. You can get one as short as  2.25” like our GRAV Miniature Spoon Pipe. It can fit inside your pocket, and they also have the thickest walls among hand-held glass pipes.


Steamrollers are made using borosilicate glass to handle all that heat from massive hits. However, when you’re going to compare steamroller vs spoon pipe durability, spoon pipes are a few steps above. Compact and thick, high-quality spoon pipes can withstand pressure and a few accidental low drops better than a steamroller.

User experience

This is where a steamroller wins hands down. Many compare using a steamroller similar to hitting a dry bong. The size of the bowl can rival that of a bong’s and the speed of clearing. For one, you have a bigger carb hole compared to that of a spoon pipe. Second is that the diameter of the smoke path. Even with a soft inhalation, you get smoke twice as much compared to a spoon pipe. The flavor is going to be strong, bold, and good enough to satisfy those who have a higher tolerance.

No one will guess that this is a spoon pipe.

Because you have better control over your hits with a spoon thanks to a small carb hole, the hits aren’t as strong as a steamroller’s. This makes the spoon a well-rounded pipe suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers.


A steamroller is easier to clean and maintain than a spoon because of the larger surface area. The insides are also more accessible compared to that of a spoon. Aside from the bowl, you can use either a Q-tip or a pipe cleaner with less worry about breaking or clogging the steamroller.

There’s a critical area in a spoon pipe that’s hard to reach, and that’s the neck. Regular cleaning will be able to control the buildup in that area, which you need to do after 2-3 sessions. Should the resin get stuck and clog the pipe, soaking it overnight in iso and salt will do the trick. You just need to do the cleaning repeatedly until you get the clog out.

Steamroller vs spoon pipe: the verdict

Form strong, massive hits and easy maintenance, you should get a steamroller. Experts will appreciate the strong, bold flavors, and you don’t need too much to get the effect that you want. One or two hits from a steamroller can be equal to several bowls from a spoon pipe.

As for portability and discreetness, the spoon will be your best option. The thick glass and the compact size makes it easy to transport and store whenever you need it. The designs are also quite imaginative, so you’ll be able to find one that will fit your style.

If you’re looking for a steamroller or spoon pipe, feel free to look into our collection. We’ve carefully selected the best hand pipes that will pair awesomely with your smoking preferences. Click here now and get your pipe before stocks run out!

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