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Tips For When Buying a Steamroller Pipe

Handheld Pipes
Tips For When Buying a Steamroller Pipe
Steamroller pipes are amazing, and getting the best one for you means being careful about choosing which one is the right fit. We’ll discuss what you as a buyer should look for when you’re out hunting for a steamroller pipe.

Know the difference between a steamroller and a chillum

First things first, know what sets the steamroller apart from a chillum. These two look almost the same to inexperienced smokers who haven’t tried smoking with these pipes. While chillums have small bowls at the tip of the pipe, steamrollers have bowls positioned on top of the tube much like a locomotive engine. Chillums also don’t have carb holes, while a steam roller has one right at the tip. Take a closer look at these differences before you buy a steamroller.

Size and capacity

Steamrollers come in different sizes, which can affect your smoking experience. Our smallest steamroller from Grav Labs is 4.5”, which is suitable for a simple, yet bold smoking session. There are also massive steamrollers like the Grav Labs 18” steamroller pipe that can deliver longer, stronger smoking sessions. You’re right, it’s as huge as a straight bong, and hits like a dry bong too.

You can start with this Grav Labs Rocker Boro Glass Steamroller

Choose a small size if you want to have something to carry around with you while you travel. Small steamrollers can give instant gratifying hits with just a small amount of herb. Get a small one if you’re saving on herbs, or only after a quick session. It also helps you save on herbs since you don’t have to pack too much to accommodate the bowl. Once you’re done, you can easily clean and store your steamroller for your next session and call it a day.

Big ones can be difficult to carry around but are perfect for those who need to experience the full effect of their herbs. With its big size, it can accommodate a large bowl that can rival those of a bong. You can pack enough herbs to share with friends or have a more extended session. The large pipe can help cool down smoke to some degree compared to a small steamroller. Big steamrollers can also gather a large amount of smoke. Get a big one if you need stronger effects from your herbs.

It’s best to start small before you go to the next level with steamrollers. Smaller ones are easier to get used to because they hare handy, easy to use, and you can still keep a level head after a hit. The bigger ones are for smoking experts who have a higher tolerance and need a deeper effect.


Steamrollers come in a variety of materials such as glass, metal, acrylic, and even wood.

Glass steamrollers

Glass steamrollers like Glowfly Glass Retro Steamroller are suitable for those who have sensitive palates. Because of the inertness of the material, you only taste the real flavor of your herbs. They also come in different exciting designs that can make smoking sessions fun and enjoyable. The downside is, they can break easily. If you’re the clumsy type and prefer the pure experience of glass steamrollers, make sure you only get ones made with borosilicate glass. This type of glass material is durable and often used in science labs because of high thermal tolerance.

Acrylic steamrollers

If you want a durable, easy to clean steamroller, get one that is made out of acrylic. These steamrollers are light and easy to carry with you. It’s good for those who have grip problems or holding items that are heavy. The downside is you won’t get the same pure-flavor experience as you would with a glass steamroller pipe. Some acrylic pipes release a taste that some find unpleasant. Another thing is that acrylic steamrollers are harsher on the throat because it holds in heat twice as much as glass.

Metal steamrollers

Nothing beats the strength and durability of a metal steamroller. If you want something that can withstand rough handling through long travels, camping, and trecking, a metal steamroller is the one for you. It does get hotter faster, which means you won’t have the added benefit of smoke cooling down as it passes through the pipe. There are those who also dislike the metallic taste that they get with each hit.

Wooden steamrollers

Wooden steamrollers are also highly durable and last long. Using one gives a traditional, earthy feel in smoking. With each draw, you get a woodsy taste that creates a depth of flavor. Others may find the taste of wood off-putting as they prefer to taste the true flavor of their herbs.


You also need to think about the price of steamrollers. Acrylic steamrollers are cheaper, about $9.00 because the materials are easy to procure and manufacture. Metal steamrollers are a bit costly, while Big Daddy Smoke glass steamrollers range from $11.60 to $88.99. Note that the cost will always depend on the size and material used to create the steamroller.

You will hear a lot of people saying smoking handheld pipes are a personal experience. Most treat their smoking devices as the extension of their personality, so choose wisely. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get that perfect steamroller for you that you can use on any occasion.

Have questions about getting a steamroller pipe? Please feel free to ask them in our comment section!


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