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Top 5 Best Unique Pipes for 2019

Handheld Pipes
Top 5 Best Unique Pipes for 2019
Are you looking for that pipe that you can call your own? One that that jives with your unique, quirky, fun-loving character? We’ve listed here the best unique pipes that will definitely make people say: this is so you!

Purple Haze Glass Sherlock

This is such a beautiful pipe that’s been fumed purple inside out with 0.999 fine silver. The glass Sherlock will make you feel like you’re the famous detective uncovering the case of the missing herb in your dorm locker.

It’s got its own set of feet to keep it upright as you prepare your herbs. At 6”, it’s a comfortable length to hold for leisurely sessions. The curved shank also helps cool down smoke a bit for easy rips. Made with high-quality borosilicate glass, this pipe can give you hours and years of smoking enjoyment.

Evil Devil Horns Boro Glass Spoon Pipe

This pipe will definitely turn their heads when you pull out this pipe from your breast pocket. Black, sleek, sinister, yet sinfully naughty, this pipe is ready to help you enjoy the guilty pleasure of your herbs. It’s got a deep push bowl to handle enough herbs to spread the wickedness to your friends.

This pipe is also thick-skinned, with a 5mm glass thickness that makes it one of the durable unique hand blown glass pipes around. It’s well-balanced, sturdy, and gives you a strong, bold smoking experience that you’re looking for.

The length is good enough to fit in your hand and to conceal in your pocket.

Proto Rocket Pipe

Phil Jergenson designed the original Proto Rocket Pipe (which was called Mendo Pipe) in the 1960s. Fast forward almost 60 years later; the Proto Rocket pipe comes free from the troublesome tire trap. The new and improved all-in-one design allows you to enjoy your herbs in a convenient and easy manner. You have a storage chamber that can hold up to 5 bowl packs; really handy when you’re hiking or traveling on limited luggage.

Unlike other unique smoking pipes that are made of glass, this pipe can take all the rough handling it can get. At 3”, it’s easy to conceal in your hand for discreet smoking in the sly. It’s also got a built-in tar trap to make clean up easy and user-friendly.

Pickle Rick Boro Glass Spoon Pipe

Rick and Morty fans: pay tribute to the incredibly zany antiques of Pickle Rick.  This boro glass spoon pipe closely resembles Rick when he turned himself into a crazy, insane, accidental vendetta-settling pickle.

At 4.5” long, it’s the right size for instant smooth hits. The small mouthpiece makes it easy to draw smoke without getting overwhelmed. The bowl is located underneath so you won’t be distracted with that loony grinning pickle face as you take a hit. It’s also got a pair of footpegs to keep your pickle on the table. It’s not going to run off anywhere and wipe out a mafia anytime soon.

Elephant Shape Glass Spoon Pipe

Unique animal glass pipes are great for stealth display, especially this Elephant Pipe. It’s beautifully decorated with swirls and marbling of colors that people won’t even think that it’s a pipe at first glance.

It’s a perfect gift idea, or a reminder of your trip to India, Africa, or an unforgettable visit to the zoo. If you have a great love for big animals, or a strong desire to smoke something different, this cool pipe is for you. At less than $20, you have a pipe that has excellent functionality and that burn-in-your-memory wow factor as well.

Unique glass smoking pipes are fun to use. They’re made by great craftsmen who know more than a thing or two about smoking. The designs grab your attention, but they are more than just eye candy. They are well-thought-of, and can function as good as, if not better, than your standard hand pipe. For this reason, you’d want to use them over and over again. Soon enough, they’ll be your go-to pipes when you’re craving something different or out of the ordinary.

Are you still looking for that cool & unique pipe to keep to yourself? Or one that you can show off to your friends and have a wild, rowdy sesh? Take a look at our cool & unique pipes collection! We have pipes from different glass companies that are one-of-a-kind, full of character, and an extension of your personality!

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