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What are Long Smoking Pipes and How do You Use Them?

Handheld Pipes
What are Long Smoking Pipes and How do You Use Them?
Handheld pipes are great because you can use them almost anywhere. They are simple and straightforward to use, no-frills and ceremonies. We’ll talk about what are long smoking pipes, mainly why they are great to use and how to use them.

What are long smoking pipes?

Long smoking pipes are hand pipes that can have either a bit or substantial length to them compared to a regular hand pipe. They can either be straight, curved or winding, depending on the pipe maker’s whims. However, regardless of the shape and size, the makers make sure that the pipe has superb function and performance.

There are different types of long hand pipes based on material as well as design.

glass gandalf long pipe 11 inch The Glass Gandalf Style Pipe

Long thin smoking pipe

These pipes are long and have slender stems, making them look delicate and elegant. It’s a great pipe for those who wish to control their smoke, especially if you tend to puff too hard. Because of the small bowl and thin stem, you’ll get a thin stream of smoke compared to those with broader stem diameter. If you’re a beginner, this is an excellent pipe to start with.

Long stem wooden smoking pipes

These are long smoking pipes made out of wood, with a longer stem than usual. One example is the Cherry Wood Dublin Shire Pipe, which is about 7.5” long. This type of wooden hand pipe has an elongated stem where the filter is usually inserted.

Long glass smoking pipe

A long stem glass pipe is different from a long wooden smoking pipe in terms of parts. While a wooden pipe comes in pieces, a glass artist blows a long glass pipe using a single glass tubing. It’s a whole, single piece which makes it convenient to use and maintain.

How do you use a long smoking pipe?

Smoking a long pipe is easy once you’ve got used to the length of the pipe.

Cherry Wood Dublin Shire Pipe 7.5 inch The Cherry Wood Dublin Shire Pipe

  1. Grind your herbs to medium-coarse to medium-fine, depending on the size of the hole in your bowl. A medium-coarse grind can work with big holes, while medium-fine can work with small holes. If you prefer a medium-fine grind, you can get a small pipe screen that you can fit in the bowl.

  2. Pack the bowl loosely with your herbs and use a tamper tool to lightly press down the herbs. Do this a bit at a time until you fill the bowl bel

  3. Using your non-dominant hand, hold the pipe at the bowl, and position your thumb or pointing finger at the carb hole (if there is one). Make a draw test. If there’s resistance, loosen the herbs. If it’s too easy, tamp the herbs down.

  4. With your lighter in your dominant hand, light the herbs in a circular motion. Take a few puffs and then light the herbs. Once you see a glow, put out your lighter and let the cherry die. Light it up again, and this time draw in until you get a good enough cherry and smoke. Turn off the flame and release the carb repeatedly to control the draws and cool down the smoke.

  5. Don’t worry if the cherry goes out, you can easily relight the bowl and smoke.

  6. Remember to take out the ash every now and then. Turn the bowl upside down and tap it gently against an ashtray to loosen the ash. You can also use a small scooper to get the ash out.

When using any long smoking pipes, remember that it’s not the same as hitting a cigarette or a bong. Take slow draws that are not too deep to prevent that unpleasant tongue burn. Long pipes are for a leisurely session, a way to relax after a long, tiring day.

Do long pipes make smoke cooler? Yes, they do because there’s enough air space for the smoke to cool down before it reaches your mouth. Foot long glass pipes like our 11-inch Gandalf Style Glass Pipe will have a cooler smoke compared to our 7.5-inch Rosewood Churchwarden Shire Long Pipe.

So, what are long smoking pipes? These are pipes that will help you relax and unwind. Because of their slender and longer stems, you’ll be smoking leisurely and enjoy every depth of flavor. Click here now and order your long pipe at Big Daddy Smoke!


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