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What is a Kazoo Pipe, and How Do You Use it?

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What is a Kazoo Pipe, and How Do You Use it?
Musical lovers all know how enjoyable and fun it is to use a Kazoo. For those who aren’t familiar, a Kazoo is a musical pipe that uses the humming sound of your voice to create music. It looks oddly enough like a pipe. There are certainly more than a few smokers who tried more than once to convert their kazoo into a smoking pipe. Now you don’t have to go to great lengths and risk your health. Now you can get a kazoo pipe in online headshops made explicitly for enjoying your herbs.

pulsar boro glass kazoo steamroller pipe

What is a Kazoo pipe?

A kazoo pipe is a handheld pipe that looks pretty much like a steamroller. The body is an elongated piece made either out of borosilicate glass, metal, wood, or silicone. However, unlike a steamroller that typically has a rounded body, the kazoo smoking pipe has a flat frame. It’s this shape that makes it easy to differentiate from a steamroller.

However, it does work in the same context. At the top end is your carb hole. Close to this is your elevated bowl to put in your herbs. Continuing down is your mouthpiece for smooth hits. If you have a glass kazoo pipe, you’ll get a plain bowl that has a hole in the middle. For metal or silicone pipe, you have a metal bowl that can also work as a screen since it’s got multiple holes.

One of the best ways to hide a secret is to keep it in the open. Some makers created a Kazoo design that works as a musical instrument and as a smoking pipe. All you have to do is switch the smoking filter with a diaphragmatic membrane. Now you have a pipe that will sound like a saxophone being played by a person with an extremely tight corset.

How do you use a Kazoo pipe?

Using a Kazoo pipe is easier compared to using a real kazoo for creating music.

  1. Grind your herbs to a medium-fine grind.

  2. Pack the bowl firmly just to keep the herbs from falling off. Not too tight that you block the airflow from the pipe.

  3. Seal your lips around the mouthpiece and draw from the pipe. Keep your finger on the carb hole.

  4. Light up the bowl until you got a good cherry going. Continue to draw until you have a good enough smoke inside. You can regulate the heat and volume by tapping your finger on the carb hole.

  5. Once you have your fill, release the carb hole and clear the smoke from the pipe.

  6. Take out the Kazoo smoking pipe and keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds before you exhale.

  7. Repeat and enjoy.

Some, however, use the Kazoo pipe like they would a real kazoo. Instead of hitting form the far end of the tube, they draw from the end near the bowl. This option is what makes this pipe stand out from other steamrollers.

Why should you get a kazoo pipe?

If you want something that will make smoking exciting and different, you should consider getting one. Depending on the design and type of Kazoo pipe that you have, it can easily pass off as a regular Kazoo. Of course, a glass Kazoo pipe like the one from Pulsar won’t give you that level of discreetness that you’re after.

The hits are also strong and bold. Being under the family of steamroller pipes, you know you’re going to get that punch-in-the face hits that will make you want and look for more. You get bold flavors, especially if you hit it close to the bowl.

You may not be able to serenade the apple of your eye with this pipe. However, if that person is a smoke lover, the smoke from this pipe may be just the thing to focus the attention on you. Kidding aside, this is one pipe that you’ll enjoy using, both solo and with friends. If you’re looking for a fun, interesting session that can be beyond conventional, have a go at this pipe. It’s an experience you and your friends will always remember – in a good, fun way.

Do you have any questions about our Kazoo pipe? Have you tried using one? Please share your questions and experiences in our comment section!


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