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What is A Steamroller Pipe?

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What is A Steamroller Pipe?
Dry pipes come in exciting designs, and a steamroller pipe is of no exception. It gives you quick hits without too much prep and helps you enjoy the full effects of your herbs. Small in size yet full of power, it’s no wonder why steamrollers continue to increase in popularity.

What is a steamroller pipe?

A steamroller pipe is a type of dry pipe made out of glass tubing with a bowl sitting right on top. The design looks so much like the body of steamroller locomotives. A glass steam roller pipe can hit really hard. They come in several sizes, and mini steamroller glass pipe can be as small as a chillum. What sets them apart is that steam rollers can have bowls even that could outshine your best bong. Of course, the size of the bowl will depend on the size of the pipe, but there’s no “traditional” or exact bowl measurement to follow.

Is it the same as a chillum? You may be confused with this because a glass chillum and a glass steamroller can look the same. However, note the difference in the bowl and carb holes. While a chillum has a bowl on the end of the pipe, a steamroller has a built-in bowl on top. A chillum doesn’t have a carb hole, while a steamroller has a massive air hole at the end. This allows for easier use and maximum convenience, especially if you’re using a mini steamroller glass pipe.

How does a steamroller pipe work?

A steamroller pipe works by delivering smoke from your herb down to a smoke path to your mouth. It’s like a combination of a pipe and a bong, minus the water filtration. You can consider a steamroller pipe to be a heavy hitter because it does hit hard and strong.

Some steamroller pipes like the Grav Labs Rocker Boro Glass Steamroller can be as short as 5 inches. This means that there’s not much path to cool down the smoke. However, a large glass steamroller pipe can be as long as 18 inches, so it can have enough smoke path to ease the heat. It’s almost similar to the function of a straight tube bong minus the water filtration.

The Pulsar Boro Glass Kazoo Pipe

How do you use a steamroller?

Using a steamroller is just like using any other dry pipe. The difference is that you may need someone to light it up for you if you’re using a big glass steamroller pipe. To use a steamroller, pack the bowl and plug the hole at the far end. Draw from the mouthpiece as you light the bowl. Continue to inhale until you got the amount of smoke that you need, then release the carb hole to pull in the smoke.

For whom is a glass steamroller pipe good for?

A steamroller, no matter how big or small, can give quite a punch. This dry pipe is perfect for those who are after strong, bold flavors. In some instances, the smoke can be quite harsh on the throat. The steamroller is definitely not suitable for those who are trying out smoking for the first time. Some who are used to hitting a bong, or started with vapes will need a bit of breaking in when using a steamroller.

The steamroller can be suitable for those who travel a lot and wish to have a strong, sturdy smoking device to bring along anywhere. A small steamroller can easily sit inside your pocket for quick carrying and concealment. It’s a pretty rugged way of smoking, which what makes steamrollers excellent for those who are after a no-frills experience.

College students or those who are saving up but need to get medicated can also jive with a steamroller. A cheap glass steamroller pipe can cost $11.60, so you have more to spare for a better herb or flower.

A steamroller pipe is a great way to experience the full potency of your herbs. It’s easy to use, comes in various designs, and portable. Take a look at our steamrollers for sale and see which one will fit your needs. If you have any questions about our steamroller products, please don’t hesitate to ask in our comment section.


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