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What is a Wooden Pipe?

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What is a Wooden Pipe?
When someone tells you to buy a wooden pipe nowadays, there’s always going to be a question of what and why. We’ll take a rundown on what a wooden pipe is and what advantages you can get from getting one.

What is a wooden pipe?

These are pipes made out of wood, and native cultures often use them in ceremonies and rituals. American Indians also perform smoking as a social event. The function of the pipe is to allow you to burn your herbs slowly with minimum combustion possible. The pipe achieves this principle through the work of the bowl and stem.

Parts of a wooden pipe

When you buy a wooden pipe, you have to know what parts to look at so you will have an idea of the quality of the pipe.

  • Bowl – the exterior part of the pipe that holds the chamber.

  • Chamber – an empty cavity or an added vessel inside the bowl where you place your tobacco.

  • Draught hole – a tunnel drilled to connect the chamber to the shank.

  • Shank – a long, narrow air passage for the smoke to travel

  • Mortise – a hidden tunnel that bridges the chamber to the mouthpiece and connects the tenon. It has a bigger area compared to the shank, which allows you to take bigger, stronger hits.

  • Tenon – a notched mouthpiece part that fits inside the mortise.

  • Stem – this is the long part of the mouthpiece, and usually comes in a different material compared to the bowl.

  • Bit – where your lips go around the pipe.

  • Tip – the very end of the pipe.

  • Bore – the air tunnel inside the tip.

Types of wooden pipe materials

A wooden pipe is often crafted out of briar, which comes Mediterranean heather, particularly the root burl. It’s fire-resistant, absorbs moisture, and gives off a natural scent that makes your sesh pleasant. There are also other types of wood used. Wooden pipes for sale can come in:

  • Beech

  • Mahogany

  • Cherry

  • Oak

  • Olive

  • Ebony

  • Maple

  • Rosewood

These pipes are affordable compared to briar, but they’re softer and less durable. They’re also not as flameproof as briar, but they do the job well.

Rosewood Churchwarden Shire Long Pipe 7.5 inch

Shapes of wooden pipes

Of course, these crafted pieces will come in different shapes, each one having their own unique appeal and purpose.

  • Apple pipes – round and portly bowl with a shank that is as long as the bowl’s height.

  • Billard – the most popular, it’s got a cylindrical bowl that has a smooth design.

  • Bulldog – You have a forward-leaning bowl with groves.

  • Calabash – This is the pipe associated with Sherlock Holmes. It’s shaped like a calabash, hence the name.

  • Canadian – has the same bowl shape as the Billard, but comes with extremely long shanks.

  • Dublin – It’s also got a billiard shape, but with a conical bowl that tapers down the chamber.

  • Freehand – this is where the artistry and skill of the pipe maker shines. The shape often follows the grain of the wood, resulting in a beautiful, unique pipe.

  • Sitterpipe makers often use briar wood for this. It comes with a flat base that allows you to set it on the table.

  • Curiosity pipe – a different class of its own, this type of wooden pipe has interesting shapes and functionality.

Why get a wooden pipe?

Wooden pipes have several benefits that you should take advantage of. One is that they hold heat better. Compared to metallic or glass pipes, cherry in a wooden pipe burns deeper and longer. You don’t need to relight your herbs every now and then to finish the bowl.

Wood is a better material for your health. It doesn’t give off any harmful fumes like a metal pipe does that can ruin the experience and risk your health.

Glass is beautiful and inert, but they do break easily. Drop it in a wrong way,  and you’ve got several pieces to pick off. Wooden pipes don’t need that extra care when you walk around, carry it with you when you travel, or when a clumsy friend knocks it off the table.

Wooden pipes are great smoking tools. They give you a different kind of feeling in more ways than one. The soft sipping rips helps you relax, while the pleasant aroma of smoking herbs and wood enhances the experience. Want to have your own wooden pipe? Click here now and get one before they run out!

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