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Anaxy Star Grinder: Revolutionized Grinding

Anaxy Star Grinder: Revolutionized Grinding
Grinders like the Kannastor 4pc Grinder with Easy Change Screen makes preparing your herbs easy and convenient. However, what if you need to consume different types of herbs at different hours of the day? The Anaxy Star Grinder can help you with that and more with its revolutionary design and functionality.

What is the Anaxy Star Grinder?

The Anaxy Star Grinder is known to many as the most creative herb grinder in the market. This cool smoking gadget has 9 pieces classified into three parts that are made up of different materials.

  • Grinder chamber – made of hardened aluminum with an anodized finish for the finest consistency.

  • Storing module – carries the flower, lid, stamp, and keycap.

  • Dispensing module – includes the funnel cap and pipe to help you dispense your herb in your herb slide, cone, or blunt.

They use strong polycarbonate for the storing and dispensing compartments. It’s designed to last long and give you years of grinding. The grinder has a threadless design to eliminate the binding problems that commonly plague threaded grinders. What keeps the parts locked together are powerful neodymium magnets for a spill-proof use and storage convenience. This also makes cleaning and storing the grinder simple with minimal effort required.

What’s different with the Anaxy Star?

When you want to smoke different herbs, you have to grind them separately in a standard grinder. This can be a tedious process if you need to consume different types of herbs in specific times of the day.

The Anaxy Star eliminates repeated grinding with its 6 compartments that you can use to grind, store, and even dispense your herbs. Just like a revolver, you load your herbs in each compartment, giving you full control of the amount you need for grinding. You can pre-measure your herbs per weight, then grind and use when needed.

The grinder is designed to dispense enough herbs for a full bowl or joint. With the added funnel cap, you can dispense each load directly into your cone, vaporizer, or herb slide. You keep your herbs and hands clean, and you have less mess on your rolling tray.

How do you use the Anaxy Star Grinder?

  1. Put all the pieces together except for pipe. Make sure you have the lid on. Lift out the cover from the storing module, so you have access to the 6-chamber compartment. Keep the keycap on.

  2. Insert your nugs in the chambers. Rotate the keycap and add your second set of herbs in the empty chambers.

  3. Cover the bottom with the base and hold the grinder upright. Press the bottom and top against each other as you grind.

  4. Continue grinding until there's little to no resistance. Invert the grinder and continue to rotate the bottom to release the herbs from the grinding chamber.

  5. To dispense, position the Anaxy Star Grinder upright and remove the cap. Pour out the herbs directly to your bong bowl, or use the pipe to load your blunt or pre-rolled cone.

  6. To grind the second set of herbs, hold the bottom grinder to keep it in place. Rotate the loading chamber to shift to the second set and repeat.

  7. If you want to store the herbs, invert the grinder without releasing the herbs. Take out the bottom base and remove the lid. Insert the storage compartments in the herb chambers to get your herbs. Take out the base, put the lid back on, and use the base as usual.

What’s the feedback on the Anaxy Star Grinder?

One pet peeve that most have against the Anaxy is that you don’t have an instruction manual to help you use it. It has a bit of a learning curve compared to other standard grinders due to the number of parts and compartments. If you always use standard grinders, this one will make you scratch your head and scream for mercy.

It does function the way it’s designed to. As long as you know how to use it, you won’t be spilling herbs and making a mess whenever you grind. The Anaxy grinder does lean towards the over-engineered side, making grinding a bit more complicated than it should be. It’s a great grinder if you like to tinker and play with your tools.

Should you prefer things simple and prefer the traditional way of grinding, we have some tried and tested old-school grinders. Click here now and get your grinder delivered!

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