Black Leaf Masher Herb Grinder Review: Toothless Grinding Efficiency

Black Leaf Masher Herb Grinder Review: Toothless Grinding Efficiency
Many grinder brands boast about their engineering to the point that they patent their own tooth design just like Cali Crusher Herb Grinder. But what if you’re looking for something that can grind your herbs without worrying about teeth? We made this Black Leaf Masher Herb Grinder review so that you’ll see what other options you have for your herbs.

The Black Leaf Masher

First, let’s talk about the body of the grinder. It’s made of CNC molded aluminum, making it seamless and durable. The surface is covered with anodized aluminum for a smooth, attractive finish. You have knurled grips to help you get a firm hold on the grinder every time you use it. To keep all of that delicious herbs in, the Black Leaf Masher has a magnetized lid powerful enough to store your herbs in. To enhance your grinding experience, it also has a nylon friction ring to smoothen the twisting and grinding.

Now for the toothless design. Instead of the traditional teeth that poke on the surface of the grinder chamber, the Black Leaf Masher has pressure plates. This provides a gentle grinding action that helps preserve all that flavor and aroma of your herbs. Another good thing about this toothless design is that you don’t have to worry about herbs getting stuck in between the teeth. This helps you get more herbs from your grinder compared to others.

The grinding starts with the upper pressure plate. When you press it down on your herbs, the constant pressure splits the material, producing a light, almost powdery consistency. With just a few twists, you have herbs ready for smoking using your favorite bong or spoon pipe. Since the Black Leaf Masher is a 4-pc grinder, you’ll get all that delicious kief captured at the bottom chamber.

How to use the Black Leaf Masher

Using the Black Leaf Masher is almost the same as using a traditional herb grinder. The only difference is, you won’t have to think about aligning any teeth together to close the lid.

  1. Make sure that all the parts are correctly screwed on together except for the lid.

  2. Place bits of your nugs in the grinding chamber. Don’t overfill, just keep it to about 2/3 the capacity.

  3. Close the top and press the pressure plate on the herbs as you twist and turn the grinder. You can do alternate quarter turns, or do a full circle. Continue grinding until you feel little to no resistance from the lid.

  4. Tap the grinder gently to catch all of the herbs and kief as well.

  5. Open the grinder by twisting the chambers and get all that aromatic botanicals for your pipe.

Cleaning the Black Leaf Masher

You can clean the grinder by soaking it in a Ziplock bag filled with enough iso alcohol that will submerge all the parts. Keep the grinder soaking for 20-30 minutes, and shake it every now and then to loosen the plant material. Once done, take it out of the bag and scrub any remaining residue using a soft-bristled brush. Rinse all the parts thoroughly under warm running water then allow it to dry.

The final verdict on the Masher

If you want something different from the usual grinding experience, this is the ideal grinder for you. It gets the job done, and the experience isn’t too far off from the traditional grinders. Although it doesn’t have any teeth, the Black Leaf Masher is still easy to use.

You’ll notice the quality of the material as you use it, with the grinder feeling solid to the grip. With several colors to choose from, you’ll get a grinder that will suit your taste and personality as well. One thing that some users did notice is that the mesh is a bit large compared to others. You’ll get some botanicals along with your kief, which isn’t that significant but can be a hassle for connoisseurs. It does come at a slightly steep price, making it an investment for those who want efficient grinding. With the type of material used, you’ll know that this grinder is going to last you for years to come.

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