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How To Buy A Good Herb Grinder

How To Buy A Good Herb Grinder
Are you looking for an herb grinder but don’t know how to pick the best one? We’ll teach you how to buy a good herb grinder so that you’ll get the best one that will match your sesh ritual.

Check the material

Grinders come in three types of materials:

  • Wood – rustic, durable, and has a unique vibe to it because it’s hard to mass-produce. It’s simple, yet more expensive because these grinders are often hand-made.

  • Metal – the most common material for grinders. You can get your grinder in aluminum alloy, titanium, or stainless steel. Aluminum alloy is the popular material because it’s lightweight, although there are concerns about its safety. As long as you get a high-grade, premium grinder, your aluminum grinder is safe.

  • Acrylic – the cheapest yet the least durable in all grinders. Compared to the previous materials, you can break your acrylic grinder if it’s exposed to blunt force.

Consider the size

You have three sizes to choose from.

Small grinders often measure 1.5” to 2”, making them highly portable and easy to keep out of sight. It’s the perfect grinder for occasional smokers or vapers who don’t need a lot for their sesh.

The medium-sized grinder is the most common, having a diameter of 2.5” to 3”. It’s got portability as well as a decent capacity for grinding and storing a good amount of herbs.

Large grinders are 3.75”, have gigantic teeth as well as a larger capacity for group or shared sessions with your friends.

The teeth counts

The essence of your grinder is its teeth because these are the ones that do the grinding. Manufactures took this into account and even patented their own design, which Thorinder Grinder by After Glow did.

One of the best tips for how to buy a good herb grinder is to inspect the shape as well as the number of teeth. Most users prefer grinders with diamond-shaped teeth because they function better than square ones. As a standard, a 2.5” grinder should have at least 50 teeth to give you that even grind in a short span of time.

Placing is also important. To get a good grind, there should be an even space between each tooth. This results in an efficient, and even grind your bowl or joint will love you for.

The number of the pieces matter

You’ll often see this when you’re looking at herb grinders: 2-piece, 3-piece, 4-piece.

2-piece grinders or one-compartment grinders are simple and the most portable. It’s got issues with consistency, though, and gathering your herb can be a chore.

3-piece grinders have holes in the grinder chamber so that the herbs fall to the second chamber below. This makes gathering you’re herb easy, and you get an even grind in the process.

4-piece grinders come with a screen as well as a third chamber. You collect ground herbs on the second chamber, while the screen helps you collect precious kief for a more flavorful smoking experience.

The price

This general rule applies to all smoking devices: expensive ones perform better and last longer. You’ll often see expensive grinders manufactured using high-grade materials and have added features such as pollen catchers, removable screens, and ergonomic designs.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend more on your grinder than your bong or hand pipe. Spending more than $100 on a grinder is a luxury for some when you can get almost the same functionality from a grinder less than $50.

Manual vs electric

Manual grinders are great because you can clean them easily, take them anywhere, and use them at will. What’s more, you have full control over how fine a grind you’ll be processing your herbs. They come in different sizes and are highly portable. Grinding does take time and can put a strain on your wrist.

Electric grinders can grind your herbs faster and finer compared to manual ones. You can get several grinds on a full charge, and operation is as easy as a push of a button. Cleaning is limited because of the electrical parts, though, so a deep clean isn’t possible. Once the batteries drain on you, you’ll have to charge your grinder.

When you know how to buy a good herb grinder, you’ll pair yourself with one that will last you for years. Click here now and buy one of our carefully chosen grinders. When you’re ready, we’ll deliver them right at your doorstep!


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