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Cali Crusher Herb Grinder Review

Cali Crusher Herb Grinder Review
When you're on the search for the perfect grinder, the smart way is to look at grinder reviews. We've previously reviewed the Kannastor and the Golden Gate grinders. Now we'll be looking at the Cali Crusher Herb Grinder and see what makes it one of the popular grinders among smokers.

What is the Cali Crusher Grinder?

Cali Crusher entered the market in 2010, introducing the first designer grinders in the industry. They know that smokers have very high tastes and demand functionality that is as close to perfection as possible. Throughout the years, they continued to create and improve their designs to meet the demands of their customers.

Soon enough, they became popular and well-known by every smoker. They're on every shelf of different retail and online head shops.

What is the herb grinder made of?

The Cali Crusher herb grinder is built to last for years. Whether you're getting an original OG or a Homegrown grinder, you'll have one crafted from solid aerospace medical grade aluminum. With an anodized exterior, you keep scratches and smudges at bay. This helps keep the grinder looking good as new even after years of good use.

Clear-top grinders come with acrylic material, maintaining its durability. You can still carry it around with you without fear of breaking any parts due to sudden falls. Keeping your herbs in is also easy because of powerful neodymium magnets. The lids stay in place even while you're grinding the toughest nugs on the planet.

What are the designs available?

To date, Cali Crusher carries numerous designs that put them on top of the competition. There are 2pc and 4pc hard top grinders that come in standard sizes ideal for grinding and storing a good amount of herbs. There are also pocket-sized grinders that you can take on the go.

Standard Cali Crusher grinders offer what most herb grinders offer. You have sharp diamond teeth that's spaced evenly with strategic holes in between for efficient grinding. The added filter screen gives you the benefit of catching kief with every grind.

The best design that they have is the Homegrown series. Made in San Diego, California, it comes in an array of attractive colors to choose from. What makes this grinder stand out is its Quicklock technology. No more threading grooves and the operation stays smooth even after a while. It's designed to be your daily grinder, and it does the job perfectly. However, the most striking design is the teeth. Instead of the standard diamond teeth that you'll see in other grinders, you have patented radial cut blades. Cuts one way, fluffs on the other.

The grinding performance

Because Cali Crusher offers different designs to suit your style, the experience also varies between every model.

In terms of the quality and durability of the material, you can depend on the grinder. When most grinders will chip away and lose a tooth or two after several months, these grinders stay solid.

The screen size may be a bit smaller compared to others, which can be a good thing because you'll get a better harvest. On the other hand, you may have to wait a while to get a good amount in the pollen chamber.

One thing that you do need to think about, though, is maintenance. If you grind often and are particularly fond of dank, sticky nugs, you'll get stuck pieces and squeaks after several grinds. One user also discovered that because of the fine mesh of the kief catcher, the screen gets clogged after a while. Scrape the screen after several heavy uses so that you can still harvest crystals when you grind.

Is the Cali Crusher herb grinder for you?

With so many colors and designs to choose from, you'll never run out of options. Whether you're getting a simple grinder or one that has options like a crank top, Cali will deliver the functionality that you're looking for.

The Homegrown series, however, leans more on the expensive spectrum of grinders in the market. Some are saying that you're not getting the price that you've paid for in terms of functionality.

If you're looking for an herb grinder that gives you better have a look at our collection. We've carefully selected the grinders that will offer the best experience at an affordable price. Click here now and get your grinder today.

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