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Death Star Herb Grinder: A Piece for Fans

Death Star Herb Grinder: A Piece for Fans
Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, with some featuring a novelty design like the Pokeball Herb Grinder. It’s a cool grinder that looks very similar to the ball used to catch Pokemon in the famous animation series. Now we’ll take a look at the Death Star Herb Grinder, another novel grinder that will make Star Wars fans wanting to grab it.

The Death Star Herb Grinder

This is going to be one of the coolest grinders that you’ll own. First look, it looks more like a toy than anything else. If you’re looking for a grinder that you can leave lying around and no one will notice (well, except for kids and fans), this is it. One YouTuber got it as an anonymous gift, and it wasn’t until when his friends told him what it was that he realized what had in his hands.

Just like all metal grinders available in the market, the Death Star Herb Grinder is made out of durable aluminum material. The size ranges from 3.5in x 2.6in to 2in x 2in, making it one of the portable herb grinders. The magnetized top locks the lid in place, ensuring that no plant material escapes while you grind.

When you hold it, it looks more like a sized-down replica of the iconic Death Star. When you unscrew the top, you’ll see that the grinder comes in three pieces. The top and middle houses the diamond-shaped teeth that crush your herbs to a fine grind. Twist off the middle part, and you’ll see the screen at the bottom of the grinder teeth and the kief catcher below.

How to use the Death Star Herb Grinder

Despite its intimidating appearance, the Death Star grinder won’t be the death of you when you use it.

  1. Take out the lid and place your herbs on the grinder. Be careful not to overfill as you don’t have a second chamber to catch your herbs.

  2. Replace the lid and grind your herbs by twisting or turning the lid against the grinding chamber. Stop when you feel like there’s very little resistance from the unit.

  3. Take out the lid and carefully dump your ground herbs on your rolling paper or tray.

Cleaning the grinder

You can clean the grinder by using a brush soaked in iso. Be careful not to soak the grinder in your cleaning solution to prevent damaging the artwork. For the kief catcher, you can use a wipe moistened with alcohol to take out any sticky resin left behind.

The grinder experience

One thing that you’ll notice here is that you’ll tend to make a mess after you grind your herbs. Why? Because you don’t have a catcher for your herbs once you’re done grinding. The lack of the additional herb compartment may be a chore for smokers with butterfingers as you don’t have that good a grip. The spherical shape may be awesome since, hey, we’re talking about the Death Star here! However, if you’re done grinding, and you accidentally slip, be prepared to face a mess on your table.

Some are saying that the grinder is more of a novelty than a dependable grinding companion. The pieces can get stuck fairly quickly, and grinding soon becomes tough because of the stuck-on parts. Regular cleaning may be able to lessen the stickiness, but it will build up in time.

Is this grinder for you?

It’s a good standby grinder when you can’t bring your grinder with you when you travel. It’s a gift that will bring out the kid in every Star Wars fan. It’s without a doubt, a beautiful piece to own and a great addition to your grinder collection.

It’s not going to be that dependable a grinder, though, especially if you’re a massive smoker. Is it good for occasional smokes? Yes. Can you use it for grinding a huge amount of herbs? No.

If you need a grinder that you can depend on, we have it. Our staff carefully selected only the best grinders that are durable, dependable, and, most of all, affordable. Click here now, and we’ll get it ready for delivery straight to your address!


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