Top 5 Extra Large Herb Grinders

Top 5 Extra Large Herb Grinders
Is the size of your grinder not big enough for your smoking needs? Or are you looking for the best extra large herb grinders to use with your friends? Have a look at our list and see which of these grinders will be the perfect mill for you.

Mega Crusher by Zip Grinders

This 4-pc tool from Zip Grinder is named a mega and highest-rated for a good reason.  It’s 2.5” in diameter and 3.5” tall, making it highly suitable for grinding large amounts of herbs in one go.  It’s made with strong aluminum alloy fashioned through solid CNC machining. Neodymium magnets keep the top lid secure. The strong acrylic top and viewing chamber allow you to see how well the grinder is working, and how much herbs you’ve got stored.

The Mega Crusher has 45 diamond-shaped sharp teeth for a consistent, smooth grind. As you’re grinding, the 100-micron mesh screen carefully filters the finest pollen. What you get is a fluffy grind at a short amount of time, even if you’re grinding twice the amount of herbs. Users say you can grind 5-10g of herbs and can store 8.5g in the chamber.

Chromium Crusher 4-pc Grinder

Chromium Crushers are one of the popular grinders in the industry, and you can expect the best with their extra large herb grinders. Although it’s short at 2.25” in height, it’s one of the widest grinders you’ll come across. Spanning an impressive diameter of 3.88”, you know this grinder is going to be more than ready to serve you and your friends.

The body is made of durable, heavy-duty zinc alloy and has an anodized surface for a smooth finish. The ring in the middle section helps make grinding fast and easy. Unlike other grinders, the Chromium Crusher features circular teeth that provide strong shredding power. It also comes with a bonus pollen scraper for easy gathering.

Wooden Herb Grinder by CigaMaTe

If you want something more rustic and earthy in design, have a look at this wooden herb grinder. It’s 2.5” in diameter and 2.64” in height, giving you good room to grind and store your herbs. The outside casing uses high-grade polished walnut wood. The inside is made up of high-quality aluminum for added durability.

The diamond teeth are sharp and able to handle even the densest of herbs in your stash. The added O-Ring makes it easy for you to twist and turn the grinder with less pressure on your wrists. The included screen is removable, so you have the option of gathering kief or do without it all together for added storage.

Santa Cruz Shredder

The Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the iconic grinders because of its sleek style and sharp efficiency. It’s easily 4” wide and can grind twice the amount of herbs compared to other grinders. The body is made from medical-grade anodized aluminum that is scratch resistant.

The strong earth magnet keeps your shredded herbs in, and the lid won’t fall out when you least expect it. The unique threading also makes the shredding easy along with sharp, patented teeth. With its knurled grip design, it’s a good grinder for those who have grip issues.

Space Case Extra Large Grinders

Space Case is one of the most imitated grinders because it’s known to stay sharp and functional for years. This large grinder is 3.5” in diameter and 2.5” tall, bearing an extra-large capacity good enough to fill several bowls.

A good feature about this grinder is that it can give you that extra fine fluffy grind for vaporizers. The sharp teeth go through even the thickest herbs like they’re nothing. Want a slower burn? The Space Case Grinder can give that too. It’s a heavy-duty grinder that will give its value for your money.

Who needs extra large herb grinders?

The size of the grinder can affect the start of your sesh. Extra large herb grinders are ideal for those who are heavy smokers who need their herbs ready when they need it. If you have grip problems, preparing your herbs too frequently will be a troublesome chore.

Should you find extra large herb grinders too big, we have a selection of the usual sizes that you'll love to use. Click here now and order one of your hand-picked grinders for delivery to your home!

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