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Golden Gate Grinder Review

Golden Gate Grinder Review
At Big Daddy Smoke, our goal is to help you get the best smoking session possible. We'll do a Golden Gate Grinder review so that you can see if this is the grinder that can help you get that beautiful grind that you're looking for.

What is the Golden Gate Grinder?

It all started when Arnold Marcus, owner, and CEO of Planet Pegasus lost his herb grinder in Golden Gate Park. When he went out to look for a replacement, he was disappointed, to say the least on the selection of grinders. Using his engineering know-how, he and a team of experts crafted the first Golden Gate Grinder. The design was a success that it soon became the highest-reviewed grinder in Amazon.

What makes the Golden Gate Grinders a favorite?

There are many reasons why grinders from Golden Gate zoomed to popularity.

Quality and durability

When cheap grinders are made with either thin aluminum or acrylic plastic, you get more with Golden Gate. They use aircraft-grade aluminum that can take a tumble better than a turtle. Each piece is made with precision using CNC machines. The lid has powerful neodymium magnets that lock in place, conveniently transforming your grinder into a storage container for your ground herbs. Unless you remove the lid yourself, it's going to stay in place even in the busiest and cramped bag.

Grinding efficiency

Golden Gate Grinders have diamond teeth that are super sharp and strategically positioned to give you an effortless, even grind. You're not shredding or ripping your herbs, ruining your burn rate. Because of the sharpness, even the toughest nug won't stand a chance with your grinder.

The grinder also comes with a silicone O-ring that makes the grinding smooth and easy. The cover and chamber have a smooth, quiet operation that's easy on the wrist. You'll get a good grind on your herbs in no time, and you won't have problems with locking.

If you're going to get the 4-pc grinder, you'll get a micron stainless steel mesh for catching the finest kief. The pollen chamber also comes in a good-sized depth allowing you to gather as much kief as you can for smoking and recipes.

Lifetime warranty

Ever hear about horror stories of grinders losing their o-Rings, and even teeth when they're even barely past the half-year mark? Golden Gate has a generous money-back guarantee in case you encounter problems with your grinder.


The Golden Gate grinder is one of the best grinders because of their affordability. With less than $50, you can get a 4-pc grinder that can be your grinding companion for years.

Golden Gate Grinder Review from users

Both new and old-school smokers love how simple and easy to use the grinder is. The threads screw together smooth as butter, making it easy to put together and take apart. Herbs come out in an even, fluffy consistency that gives you the best flavor and smoking experience. The magnet stays strong, and the pollen catcher does an outstanding job in gathering kief for you.

The bad side

As of now, you can only get the Golden Gate Grinder in Amazon. Also, some got a few grinders with the top getting stuck after a week of use. This, of course, means that you need to regularly maintain your grinder to make sure parts won't get stuck. The product also tends to gather at the edges, so you have to watch how much product you're grinding in the chamber. You may have to use the grinder upside down first then flip half-way so that some of the herbs fall down the second chamber.

With the sharp teeth, some find that the grinder gives a too fine grind for their liking. You have to be in tune with your grinder and feel the change in resistance so you won't be processing your herbs too long.

The Golden Gate Grinder is a reliable herb grinder brand that you'll love to add to your collection. If you're looking for a different style, click here now and take your pick from our hand-picked grinders that are among the best quality.

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