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How to Grind Herbs Without a Grinder

How to Grind Herbs Without a Grinder
Without a doubt, grinders can help make preparing for your session easier. With an even grind, your botanicals burn evenly, and you get to taste each layer of herb flavor to the fullest. But what if you lost your grinder, or it got broken? Here are different ways how to herbs without a grinder to get an almost-similar experience.

Use a coffee grinder

Enjoying a smoke and coffee first thing in the morning is a good way to start your day, especially with our Purple Ceramic Coffee Cup Bong with Sip Puff Pass Motif. After you grind your coffee beans, use your coffee grinder to grind your herbs. But hold your horses! Make sure to clean the grinder thoroughly, or you'll be smoking coffee. Not a really pleasant experience because coffee is for drinking, not smoking.

Once you've got your grinder cleaned thoroughly, adjust the settings if you can so that your herbs won't turn into a fine powder. Break your nugs so they're not too big, but not too small either for grinding. When you're done, clean out your grinder again to remove any debris and resin.

Good old knife and chopping board

Going old school is a good way to grind your botanicals. It's easy, simple, and doesn't take much skill to do. All you need is a dry, clean cutting board and a sharp knife (preferably non-serrated) to get the job done.

You have the option of letting your bud dry out a bit to make this process easier, but it's not required. Just lay your herbs on the chopping board and cut away. Be careful to watch your fingers as you can cut yourself in the process. Watch your progress as well. This process can be so satisfyingly zen that you can overdo the cutting.

Scissors and a shot glass

No we're not doing herb shots with your herbs. In case you're not the culinary type, you can cut your herbs to small pieces using a clean pair of scissors and a dry shot glass. What's good with this method is that you can use the same shot glass to keep your left-over herbs.

All you have to do is lay the shot glass down on a flat surface. Place a nug or two inside the glass and use small, sharp scissors to cut through the herbs. Go slow at first and don't use too much motion to prevent spilling your herbs. Using a rolling tray can also help you gather any spillage.

Take out that cheese grater

If you're fond of grated cheese or enjoy using a credit card herb grinder, you're in luck. You can use your grater to prepare your buds the same way. You can use a standard cheese grater or a Microplane to grind. Hold the grater with one hand and your nug in the other. Glide the bud against the blade and you'll get your nugs done in no time.

Do watch out for your fingers as well, and don't push too hard on the nugs. Apply even pressure and keep your motion consistent to get the best results.

Pestle and Mortar

Ever wonder how to grind herbs without a grinder and you have a pestle and mortar lying around? Have a go at the old fashioned way of preparing your buds. Let your nugs dry out a bit and fill the mortar no more than halfway. This is to give you room to work with for grinding. Push the pestle against the nugs to grind them against the mortar. Keep going until you get the consistency that you want.

Coin method

This is one of the coolest alternatives for grinding your nug. Using a clean, sanitized coin and a pill bottle, you can get a good grind without any spills. Place small nugs in the bottle along with a coin and shake away. Keep going until you got the consistency that you need.

You can easily get these tools in your kitchen, and they don't require much skill to use. However, nothing beats using a dedicated grinder like the Sharpstone 4pc Solid Top Grinder. If you want an even, fluffy grind and the bonus of collecting kief, these grinders are the way to go. Click here now and choose among our carefully select grinders.

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